It's been just over a month since I have opened this little blog of mine, and I'm finally ready to get back at it! You see, for the past few years this blog has featured stories of love, heartbreak, family, my journey with The Bachelor…. And you have been right there with me for all of it. Although I have still been lightly active on instagram, I have been focusing more on my real life relationships (one in particular, really) than social media. 

It just seemed like the natural thing to do. 

There was not much thought behind quitting blogging for a month, it was just sort of the end product of starting to date someone seriously. Not blogging this past month gave me the opportunity to have some of the most amazing experiences with my (now) boyfriend. Before we started to date I was pretty attached to my phone and computer. Always checking, always updating, always something…. this past month has been a welcomed change. 

Now, this is the difficult part. Now that I am reintroducing myself into the blogging game, how do I find a balance? I guess that's just something that will work out over time because, let's be real, my blog is a major priority. This is something that I love. Something that brings me joy and one thing that I can say that I'm actually good at! So let's get to know each other again, yes?

Hello Friends! My name is Sabrina. Whether this is your first, third or thousandth time to this blog, I sure hope it's not your last! A little about me: I'm short, I live to travel and explore, my nails are usually painted but I'm not afraid to get dirty and my favorite food group is pie. Or french fries. Or waffles. Nice to meet you!

I like to describe my blog as a personal life and style blog. Although I keep those words separate, I work style into every aspect of my life. My style may not be the same as yours or other fashion bloggers, but I hope you can take a little something away from it! If you'd like to get acquainted with me and my blog you can read some of these posts HERE and HERE

This "draw my life" video was one of my favorites to make.

Click the links! Stay a while! Sabrina Says is back. I'm going to ease into it so I don't overload you with this past month's happenings, but trust I have stories a-plenty!

Thank you for sticking around and checking in from time to time. I promise updates are coming!

Have the best day ever, Friends!


youmaysayimadreamer said...


Lisa Pappalardo said...

BAH! So excited you're back!!
Lisa | c/oMKE

Allison Clements said...

I HAVE MISSED YOU SO MUCH!!!! I'm so glad you're back! xoxoxo

Allison over at Allison's Eye

Katie said...

I am so excited for you to be back! and so happy that YOU are happy. great news, lady :)

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