I take my own photos

While sitting at a bar going through the outfit photos I just shot, I suddenly heard a voice from right behind my left shoulder, "What are you shooting?!" (Imagine a really high voice inflection at the end). My not-so-eager response, "Myself." Kind of awkward, I know. I always get asked what I'm taking photos of, what my blog is about, but mostly WHO takes my photos.

I do. Me. It's always been me. (except for a few occasions) And here's why: I have always been able to rely on myself, I have always been able to fit it into my schedule, and I'm kind of difficult to work with. I am a very particular person, I know what kind of shots I like to see and I like to think that I know my best angles. So, It's just easier if I do it myself.

This always seems to be an odd sight for passers-by. It's almost a given I will get stopped and asked what I'm doing. And trust me, after 4 years of doing this form of ultimate selfie, I've got it down to a science. Need a little guidance in taking your own photos for your blog? I'd love to help! So without further adieu,  here are my secrets to taking my own photos!

1. Equipment:
When I take my blog photos my essentials are simple: A camera, a tripod and a remote. The camera that I use is the Cannon Rebel t3i. This was the first camera that I bought and I am still 100% in love with it! It has a screen that flips out and folds around so I can look at myself in live view.

The remote I use is THIS one.
 photo Caj3_zpsa14790ab.jpg
Good shot, yeah?
And the tripod is just one that I picked up from Best Buy. Nothing fancy, but it does the job.

2. Next, The location.
I do have my favorite spots and I also have my spots of convenience. Normally I have about 30 minutes before I have to run out and do something or go to work, so I have minimal time to bust out outfit photos. I'm lucky I live in an awesome neighborhood with lots of great spots within walking distance. Depending on the time of day I go different places. If it's around noon, or whenever the sun is high in the sky, I normally try to choose shaded areas (Bridges, sides of buildings, etc…).
 photo 1500_zpse44f8e72.jpg

If I have a the night off and I am able to shoot at sunset I love to find new places to shoot and catch that beautiful light!

 photo march_22_zpsd79ebee0.jpg

3. Getting the shot:
I set my lens on auto focus and put the remote function on the camera. I set up the tripod so it is just slightly taller than me and pointing at a slight downward angle. I feel like this simulates an actual photographer.

4. Shots I take:

My go to shots are usually some combination of the following:

  • Close up smiling
  • Full length of outfit
  • Outfit details
  • Hilarious outtake
  • Shoe Shot
  • Serious look off into the distance
  • Walking and looking to the side
  • Dancing or doing something dumb. 
 photo xmas_zps3de81168.jpg
 photo march_17_zps23e671b5.jpg
 photo Crown3_zps48d14cdb.jpg
 photo Lush3_zpsc383630b.jpg
 photo LUSH8_zpsc4f305d2.jpg
 photo IMG_0011_zpse371a23f.jpg

Am I right?

5. Confidence.
This is the most important part, and let me tell you in the beginning I had very little of this in my wheelhouse.

The photos that I took were in secluded places with terrible lighting where I would hope I wouldn't run into anyone. Now, the places that I love to shoot at are normally highly populated with people, and I'm just fine with that.

For me, knowing that I'm doing something that is interesting to others makes it all worth while. I love doing things that push my limits and it may make me feel slightly uncomfortable but that's what helps us grow, right? Doing things outside our comfort level. It's silly, I know, but trust me it is so much fun!

So if you are wanting to try taking your own photos please let me know if there are things that have gone unanswered in this post! I would love to help you succeed in this!

And trust me, we all start somewhere so don't worry if your photos aren't perfect at first! It took me about 2 years to really nail it!
I went from THIS
 photo test2_zps54987728.jpg
 photo July17_zps232d34d4.jpg

I hope this was helpful in some way!

Happy shooting, Friends!

 photo march_27_zpsbdd6cb92.jpg


July Favorites

Hey All! I Vlogged! Here are my July Favorites! There are links to most things below the video!

First Aid Beauty-
    Ultra Repair Cream-
Primer- The Porefessional-
Concealer- Covergirl Depuffer-
NYX- Born to Glow-
Tarte- Amazonian Clay 12-hr blush Captivating-
    Bubblegum scrub-
    Lip Service- 
NYX- Butter Gloss-
Self Tanner- Fake Bake-
Hair Growth- Lee Stafford-
Sea Salt Spray- Not Your Mothers- 
Nail Polish-
    Debrah Lipman- Blue Orchid
    Essie- Cute as a button
    Sally Hanson- Sand Storm
Elizabeth and James- Nirvana Black-
Sports Bra- Athleta- Hullabalu
Workout tights- Old Navy- 
Swimsuit- Victoria Secret
Necklace- Shop Riffraff
Kimonos- Forever 21
Water Bottle- BKR-



I feel like it's about that time for me to do some reflecting. I've been very hot and cold when it comes to blogging. I get a wild hair one day, and drop it like a bad habit the next. The thing of it is I really want to be blogging. I really want to be sharing and writing and photographing and babbling…

It's just not happening.

Real talk: I don't even remember my dreams. Ever. But lately I've been having these really vivid dreams about being kidnapped. Sometimes I will even awake in a panic. I talked to a good friend about these dreams and she asked me this, "Do you feel like something has been taken away from you lately? Something in your life if missing?"

Boom. Nailed it.

I guess I didn't really recognize what a big part blogging held in my life. I've been neglecting that creative side. And it's just bubbling up and basically about ready to burst. Thank goodness for the encouragement of good friends, the entertainment they provide and just the fuel I need to set my blogging spirit on fire again!

Okay so here's the thing I'm going to answer. The question you're not asking because you're too nice, I get it.
My boyfriend FULLY supports my blogging. No, he hasn't locked up my computer and demanded all of my time, honest. I've just wanted to spend all of my time with that boy. We work out together, we cook together. It's, like, the best. I know I know… fully blown mushy relationship stuff. But you have you ever heard me talk about anyone like this? It's like that Simon and Garfunkel song is playing over and over again and we are doing the dance scene from 500 Days of Summer.

I know I know.  I'll stop.

I just wanted to clear a few things up, that's all!

 photo July14_zps6ac5720b.jpg
Dress- c/o Ark&co via WWDMAGIC, Necklace- Handmade by Lauren Harkness, Shoes- Sam Edelman, Sunnies- Betsey Johnson, Ring- Kate Spade
 photo July15_zps433d9b33.jpg
 photo July16_zps06b035b3.jpg
 photo Julyy_zps8021c7cf.jpg
 photo July13_zps5e6b6230.jpg
 photo July19_zps119eacc5.jpg

Happy Friday, Friends!


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

It's the most wonderful time of the yeeeeear! Yes, it's Christmas in July! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is one of my most favorite events of the summer. New fall wear all on sale, new beauty products and fall boots. Let the drooling begin! Take a look at some of my favorites from this season!


Hello, Goodbye

Good morning good friends!

Today I'm checking in with you to say hello! Last week I shot 3, count em! THREE outfits for blog posts. This week.. well, I'm working on getting them up on the inter webs. Until then… here is a sneak peak of an outfit post featuring one of my most favorite summer hair styles. 

Today I'm off to Seattle for some much needed girls time with my mom! We haven't taken a trip together in a long time so I am excited for some quality time with that lovely woman!

Happy Thursday, Friends!

Check out my trip on instagram @SabrinaSaysBlog



 photo IMG_0001_zpsd8de2872.jpg

Shorts- Forever 21, Tank- Nordstrom BP, Shoes- Dolce Vita, Cardigan and PurseShop Riffraff 
(Get 10% off your order with the code "SABRINASAYS")

I was born on the 21st of October, which means my half birthday is coming up, but that also means I am a Libra. Now, I've never been one to live my life by a horoscope but I do have fond memories of reading them with my Nana. We were always so lucky if we got a 4 star day. 
If you know anything about Libras you know they are all about balance. And if you know anything about me you know I am not.  I have always had a hard time prioritizing. I tend to focus my energy all on one thing and then I end up with about 19 loads of laundry to do on my only day off. So, at the moment, this is my struggle. Although it's not necessarily a bad thing, I always want to be improving.  Ya know? Little changes here and there. 

I'm not going to make any promises that I can't keep, like never having dishes in my sink. I am human. And I do eat food. But I'm going to more conscious of how I leave the spaces around me. I just need a little time to start this whole, clean up. If I'm lucky, I get 2 days off in a row and if I'm really lucky one of those days lines up with that man of mine. So, you see what I'm saying… priorities. 

Anyway, I could ramble on forever about my lack of motivation to clean house, but I will leave you with this nice summer outfit post, instead. Enjoy!
 photo IMG_0005_zps29704872.jpg

 photo IMG_0004_zps9791683f.jpg

 photo IMG_0008_zpsb3db6d72.jpg

 photo IMG_0016_zpsecfe165b.jpg

 photo IMG_0018_zpscc56e039.jpg

 photo IMG_0019_zps747d22ff.jpg

 photo IMG_0011_zpse371a23f.jpg

 photo IMG_0023_zps2986c0dd.jpg
Happy Friday, Friends! What do you have planned for the weekend? 


Weekend Rundown

This was a very rare weekend for me. I had 3 days off and barely any plans. Really the only thing on my list was to attend the Farm Chicks Antique show with my mom and friend Brooke, but other than that…
Oh and I don't know if you can tell, but I've totally been working out. 
I really didn't even take that many pictures… weird, right? Who am I?

I am currently reading #GIRLBOSS. I would highly recommend this to any blogger, business owner, or if you just need a little inspiration! Sophia's rags to riches story is not your typical "Work-hard-and-it-will-pay-off" story. As I read I felt like she was talking to me. Just chatting with a girlfriend. A wildly successful girl friend who is cool as shit. 

Seriously. It's a great read. 

I know it's Tuesday afternoon and I'm just posting this, but… it's better than nothing, right? 

Oh… I also binge watched Orange Is the New Black. 
Anyone else?

Happy Tuesday, Friends!  What did you do this weekend?

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