Styled: Camilla Olson

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If you know anything about my style, you know I usually don't follow rules. I base my style on these key factors: Do I love it? Am I comfortable? Can I style it a few different ways?

Case in point: This Camilla Olson blouse. This top is called the "First Impression." It is not only silky soft, but it has this amazing casual fit that allows it to be super versatile. I'm probably the last person you will find in a corporate setting, but I know this shirt would be able to make that transition if I ever was. I took the approach of more of a "festival" type look (In the spirit of all things Coachella). It's easy, effortless but still put together. If you are looking for great staple piece I urge you to take a peek at Camilla Olson. There you will find pieces that you will be able to style a million different ways, at least.
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Shirt- c/o Camilla Olson, Shorts, necklace- Forever 21, Booties- c/o Shop Riffraff, Bag- Liebeskind
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Okay Okay.. the long awaited Vegas recap will be rearing its' beautiful head tomorrow, Promise. 
Coming home after Vegas wasn't easy. I had to leave 4 of my best girls. That is never fun. But I am finally adjusting to normal life. And right now life is pretty great. 
What is happening in your life? 
Is it spring yet where you live? 

Happy Tuesday, Friends! Thanks for sticking with me through all of my inconsistancies. I know… I'm a jerk. 


It's all white

I am in the process of writing a post about my recent trip to Las Vegas. It's probably the hardest thing I've ever done. How much do I tell? How many pictures do I post? Or should I just go on and on about how much I miss my friends?? I'm thinking that's where I'll start.

For now… I have a few updates: 

I am back from Vegas. 
I have not unpacked. 
I have not done laundry (which isn't really necessary). 
I am back to work (it was a rough first day) 
I am back to my normal voice. 
I am now on a work out plan. (Looking at pictures of Sabrina in a bikini…. YIKES.)

Okay.. so here's what I've decided: I will be doing a Vegas recap. Consider this a show and tell of sorts. I will show you lots of pictures, tell you about the many adventures and hopefully provide you with a few laughs. 

 photo IMG_9850_zpsaaf63f07.jpg
Dress: Shop RiffRaff (another pretty one HERE), Jacket- Nordstrom BP, Shoes- Franco Sarto (From TJ Maxx), Sunnies- Betsey Johnson
 photo IMG_9856_zps5c6bacc4.jpg
 photo IMG_9853_zpsefba8e28.jpg
 photo white_zps35086a88.jpg
 photo IMG_9855_zpsf192217d.jpg
 photo white2_zps787fc8dc.jpg
 photo white3_zpsfc99dacb.jpg

Did you know you get 10% off at Shop RiffRaff when you use the code "sabrinasays"?! Have you seen all of their summer dresses? Perfect pastels! You can use the code as many times as you want! 
Go ahead and treat yourself to a little something special!

Shop this look:


Cuteness Overload

This is a quick collection of all things cute that have recently caught my attention on the interwebs!

The other day I came across a blog post that featured the most beautiful photos. They showed the beautiful love between a little girl and her dog.
(Beware!! You will probably watch about 10 of these at a time.. so be prepared to get sucked in!

Instagram: a MECCA for all things cute. I am a sucker for a dog that takes selfies.

I hope you enjoyed this random post! I like to keep it light hearted around here! 

As you know I will be in Las Vegas this weekend meeting up with some of the most AMAZING girls! Follow us here:


And at the hashtag



 photo Shift4_zps4079a6b3.jpg
Dress- H&M,  Necklace- Forever 21, Shoes- Steven by Steve Madden

Shift dresses are one of my favorite silhouettes. They are easy to just slip on, dress up, wear casually, layer with tights… the options are plenty. I loved this bright floral print from H&M! I wore it to brunch with Katie and even though I was a little chilly without a jacket it allowed room for expansion after eating chicken and waffles, and really, that's what's most important. 

 photo Shift3_zpsc739cce5.jpg
 photo Shift2_zps8c710f25.jpg
 photo Shift5_zpse5aee13f.jpg
 photo Shift_zps6be44012.jpg

I am getting all ready to head to Las Vegas and I couldn't be more excited! I am joining some of the most beautiful, talented and kind ladies in all the land! Yes… it will be my first time meeting two of them.. but we have been friends for YEARS now… I think we are all past that!

Follow along with our Vegas adventures on instagram!


Messy Waves Tutorial

As requested, here is a quick little video on how I make my hair look messy! I hope this is helpful in some way to you! Let me know if you have any requests for future tutorial videos!

Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel HERE!

Happy Tuesday, Friends! I hope you see right through all of those April Fools jokes!


Ducks in a row

Just a few days before Vegas and I'm slightly freaking out. So the other day I had some what of a disaster happen with my sewer line… That's as much as I will say about that! So things around my house have been acting a little weird. Water pressure has been low, hot water not that hot… And now the washing machine is out cold. Of course! On the one day that I am actually feeling motivated to do some laundry! Oh well.. such is life.

So I will be heading to the laundry mat to wash everything I own. Sounds like a  fun day right?

 photo Ducks_zpsc18a6950.jpg
Tshirt- Forever 21, Jacket- Gap, Hat-c/o Ducks in a row
 photo Ducks2_zpsb6748513.jpg

Happy Monday Friends! I am filming my March favorites video this afternoon! I have a few post lined up for next week but be sure to follow along on Instagram to catch my Vegas Adventure!


Secrets Secrets

 photo Lush10_zpsb543c61b.jpg
(Pants- c/o LUSH, top- c/o half tee, Jacket- Forever 21)

Do you watch Pretty Little Liars? Well that is one show that I get all FAN GIRL over. If I ever meet those girls in person (Especially Lucy Hale) I will be in fan girl heaven. What is it about that show that sucks me in?? I think it's all the secrets and deception. Ali would always say "Secrets are what keeps us friends" or something like that… So I thought that I would reveal some secrets…Only if you promise not to tell. Interested? Read on…

-Sometimes I receive packages in the mail and have no idea what they are. And then I realize I was online shopping…drunk. The last purchase? A one piece bathing suit with a $50 and $100 bill print. Hello Vegas!
-I color coordinate my closet (That is, when I actually find the time to hang up all of my clothes)
-How many pairs of shoes do I own? It's about double my age.
-The last time I vacuumed I could have made a full wig from all of the collected hair (it's amazing I still have as much as I do)
-I am on a dating website.
-Dirty dishes are my biggest enemy. I usually wait until I know I'm having company to do them.
-Sometimes I'll throw away tupperware instead of washing it.
-I am a cuddle sleeper. Not with a person, but with pillows. I have 5 on my bed and I use every one of them.
-I'm a slightly jealous person, even with friendships. So when I feel like someone is trying to step in: bitch mode.
- And finally, I'm giving up photography. Let me explain. I will never stop taking photos and I will never stop loving photography. When I decided to take on clients and shoot weddings… I really had no idea what I was doing, but I was a great sales person. I scouted out pricing and rates and all that good stuff. I took on friends and friends of friends. It was great for a while, but boy did I get burnt out quickly. I just didn't know what I was getting myself into or how much work it would actually take to create a successful business. That kind of responsibility is not for me.

Sometimes it just feels good to put it out there, ya know? I know they aren't THAT juicy, but I hope by knowing some of my secrets you can feel like you know ME. The real Sabrina. The one who is currently up following cute puppies on Instagram and drafting a blog all about the best Pet Instas to follow. Wait… why am I single?

 photo Lush8_zpsd64c056d.jpg
 photo Lush7_zps307a2455.jpg
 photo Lush6_zpsd2005f98.jpg
 photo Lush5_zps33252f02.jpg
 photo Lush4_zpsff938850.jpg
 photo Lush3_zps8c98f2cd.jpg
 photo Lush2_zps0c5ac649.jpg
 photo Lush9_zps57e86e93.jpg

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Happy Monday Friends! Getting my hair done TWICE this week! I'll explain later, but I'll be sure to take pictures!
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