Dream Team Does Vegas

Let's just get right into this: Las Vegas is officially one of my best friends. We have this new found love… I just can't get enough. So as you know, my blog friends and I have been planning to meet up for the past… ohhhh 3 years or so! And it finally happened! We all bit the bullet and bought our plane tickets, booked the hotel and started giggling like little girls in excitement! The countdown began and we could barely contain ourselves! Vegas will always hold a special place in my heart, as will these 4 girls: Ashley, Carissa, Erica and Shalyn.

Leading up to Vegas I only got about 30 minutes of sleep the night before…. Of course I saved all of my packing for the last minute! And I was a little distracted (but I'll save that story for a different blog!) There were so many things I had to take care of: finish packing my carry-on, apply my tan, paint my nails… Time was not on my side. Yes, I overpacked, in case you were wondering.

My Travel Outfit:
Dress and boots- Shop RiffRaff (get 10% off using the code "Sabrinasays")

Finally! We are all together! Look at the sheer joy in my face(And my big head)
Drew and Kurt (Shay and Erica's Men) surprised us with a limo stocked with champs! We started our vegas trip off right! 
First thing, we headed to the hotel, checked in and poured ourselves a drink! Our goal was to head to Old Vegas and ride the Zipline! Little did we know it was down for repairs…. but we found something else to occupy our time: Blackjack! Turns out Erica is a baller. I'm not actually surprised at all.

Definitely not supposed to take pictures at the tables… but you know us! Always breaking the rules.

See the necklace? 5 pearls for 5 girls. Thank you Shay. So sweet!

A little fun in the hotel before we hit the town! Twerk Team!

Night one: Tryst
Ashleigh, dear unsuspecting Ashleigh! I am SO happy you were able to join us in our adventures.
This girl is probably the SWEETEST human ever. She made each one of us a care package. Asprin, dramamine, pedialite, gum, epson salt… THE WORKS. You saved us Ash!

So at Tryst we got to experience the High of Highs and the Low of Lows… when we first walked in we were greeted by a nice body guard that asked us if we would like to join a table. We said yes and were led to a table with older men that had absolutely no interest in talking to us. Ummmm right back at you buddies. So within 5 minutes we were asked to leave. It was both hilarious and insulting. 
So we made our way outside and found some really nice guys that offered us their table complete with 2 (new) bottles of Grey Goose. Thanks Elo!

We had such a fun time our first night but knew we had a big day ahead of us at the pool, so we headed in at about 3… I think? 

Day 2: Encore Beach Club aka "The Money Shot"
Ignore the mess… but this was pretty much the best the room looked all weekend!

 This bathing suit makes me happy. And if you can't find the humor in it… well… That's okay.

We sent Shay over to make friends with Maggie and RoseMary. They shared their booth and booze with us! They were so sweet!

Craziness. SO packed! Diplo was the DJ and it was wall to wall insane. We were led outside in hopes of getting a table, but instead we ended up waiting by the blackjack tables. Which wasn't the worst thing. We got free drinks and Erica won $250! CASH MONEY. 

While hanging around the black jack tables, Rissy and I found our tickets to a table. Andrew and…. dude from Texas. They were nice enough and let us play blackjack with their money, which was probably the worst mistake they ever made…. $1200 later. Oooops. 

Soon we found ourselves being led through the crowd like a human whip, it was pretty hilarious. All holding hands so we don't get lost… we found the table and, um… WOW. Vodka and tequila galore. We danced on the booth, took hilarious snapchats felt really cool while doing so. I'd say it was a pretty fantastic night. 

I can't even explain the love I have for these girls. 

The morning was a little rough. But when in Vegas… vacation mode kicks in and we were all ready to rally! We got 2 free drinks right off the bat, so we got them and walked around looking for the best place to land. Soon enough Ashley gets approached and we are asked to join a bachelor party. 

And so it began!

 Shay Reppin' DREW DREW HOT PANTS in Vegas
The Bachelor, Bryan. Such a nice guy!
By midday we were all exhausted! We left to rest up, take a nap and prep for the nights activities. 
Night3: Marquee at the Cosmopolitan. 

His Great-Grandpa's smoking jacket. Love. 

Shoes off… Goodnight!!
Day4: We are all dehydrated. Tired. But NOT ready to leave. We made a special trip out to the Vegas sign. With what little energy I had left I made a jump for it with my favorite ladies!
Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to Ashley K far too early. And after all of that her flight got delayed 3 hours!! Carissa, Shay, Erica and I hung around the Bellagio pool and tried to finish off the bottle of vodka we were carrying around. Turns out… non-alcoholic drinks are just about the same price as ones with alcohol….The things you learn in Vegas. 

Sunglasses indoors. This was necessary. 

Saying goodbye to miss AshBash!
This trip was 2 years in the making and I have to say it was WAY better than anything I imagined. Ashley you are just as sweet and sassy as I thought you would be. So adorable with your southern charm. And… Um… Girls got a BOD. Dang. I cannot wait until I get to see you again.  
Carissa: Pretty sure we're related somehow. I'm not exactly sure how that works, but we are on the same wavelength. Thank you for going along with all of my crazy ideas and laughing along with me!
Erica: Always a joy. Just a little ray of sunshine! Even when you were not feeling well you toughed through it and out-danced all of us! We are all now connected by our Alex and Ani puzzle pieces, I love you E!
And Shay. Dearest Shay. I am so thankful for you in my life. I've been able to spend the most time with you out of anyone and every time I just feel SO lucky. You are the most caring girl I have ever known! You are always thinking about others and putting others before you. I love how excited you and E were over the baby reveal for The Howards! Your joy was my joy. 

I am so lucky to be apart of a group of girls that are fun, positive, successful, outgoing, smart, beautiful……. aaaaaannnnnddd SO much more! I love each and every one of you. 

Well friends! There it is! Vegas. All in one post. Who thought that was possible? It only took me 2 weeks to get it to you! 

I have a few outfit posts for you this week! Be on the lookout!
And I'll be filming my April favorites SOON! It's going to be a big one since I haven't done one at ALL for 2014! I'm so far behind…
Thanks for you patience and constant support, loves!

Read Ashley's recap HERE!

P.S. If you need suggestions or ANYTHING when it comes to Vegas let me know! I had the BEST contact, Yaseen, and I'm sure he would love to help you out too!!


Pamela said...

so so SO much fun & excitement in one post!!!

Jessica said...

Vegas looked AWESOME! I love everything about this post!

Emily Kolberg said...

sooo i request an invite for round two ;)



Samantha said...

Emily beat me to it, I'm in for round 2 :)

Ashley said...

I laughed remembering all these moments...and then I cried because I seriously miss you girls daily more than I ever thought possible. I cannot wait to do it all over again. Now that I've met you all, I need you in my life regularly....and in person! Love you my little Spokane muffin! Next time I'm putting you in my pocket and bringing you back to Atlanta :)

PS - That money bathing suit may be my favorite piece of your clothing EVER! xoxoxox

Karrine Beasley said...

I've read pretty much all of y'all reviews of this trip and everyone has made me so jelly that I live on the other side of the world from vegas... how much fun!?!?!


Young and Fabulous said...

love love love every INCH of this Sabrina!!!! I am seriously so lucky and fortunate to know an amazing group of girls like you all. We come from all different places, backgrounds, life stories, etc yet when we are all together we just fit PERFECTLY!! like my puzzle pieces say ;-)

I cannnoootttt wait for our next rendezvous!!! Even if we have to wait a year, all of y'all are worth the wait times 100000!!

love you so much!! and i agree with ash...that money suit..MY FAVORITE EVER!!


Shalyn Nelson said...

UGH I totally just teared up reading this. I love you so much and I'm forever thankful that we met on these inter webs so long ago.I still feel like y'all are the sisters I never had and just can't help but agree with Erica and the puzzle piece comparison. So true. We all bring something to this friendship in the wildest and best ways. I LOVE THIS and I think I will read it every day to remind me of how incredibly thankful I am for having y'all in my life! YOU GUYS MAKE IT FEEL WHOLE! <3

Anonymous said...

Looks like you girls had a blast!! I need some more Vegas in my life!

J and A said...

So fun. I love that you all met through blogging!!

Katie said...

LOVE this post! you ladies def had an amazing time. Makes me want to plan a blog friends get together ASAP. I legit stalked all of you guys and your instagram photos. The best.

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