Cuteness Overload

This is a quick collection of all things cute that have recently caught my attention on the interwebs!

The other day I came across a blog post that featured the most beautiful photos. They showed the beautiful love between a little girl and her dog.
(Beware!! You will probably watch about 10 of these at a time.. so be prepared to get sucked in!

Instagram: a MECCA for all things cute. I am a sucker for a dog that takes selfies.

I hope you enjoyed this random post! I like to keep it light hearted around here! 

As you know I will be in Las Vegas this weekend meeting up with some of the most AMAZING girls! Follow us here:


And at the hashtag


Camilascloset said...

Glad to find someone as addicted to the goodness of the internet as me...I spend so much time laughing, being in awe and nearly crying with everything the wonders of the internet. I love this recap, the dogs are everything.

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