Ducks in a row

Just a few days before Vegas and I'm slightly freaking out. So the other day I had some what of a disaster happen with my sewer line… That's as much as I will say about that! So things around my house have been acting a little weird. Water pressure has been low, hot water not that hot… And now the washing machine is out cold. Of course! On the one day that I am actually feeling motivated to do some laundry! Oh well.. such is life.

So I will be heading to the laundry mat to wash everything I own. Sounds like a  fun day right?

 photo Ducks_zpsc18a6950.jpg
Tshirt- Forever 21, Jacket- Gap, Hat-c/o Ducks in a row
 photo Ducks2_zpsb6748513.jpg

Happy Monday Friends! I am filming my March favorites video this afternoon! I have a few post lined up for next week but be sure to follow along on Instagram to catch my Vegas Adventure!


Jessica said...

Have fun in Vegas, lucky! The toilet bowl margarita from Treasure Island hotel was one of my favs.

Young and Fabulous said...


can't wait to squeeze you in the airport. literally SO excited!!


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