Ducks in a row

Just a few days before Vegas and I'm slightly freaking out. So the other day I had some what of a disaster happen with my sewer line… That's as much as I will say about that! So things around my house have been acting a little weird. Water pressure has been low, hot water not that hot… And now the washing machine is out cold. Of course! On the one day that I am actually feeling motivated to do some laundry! Oh well.. such is life.

So I will be heading to the laundry mat to wash everything I own. Sounds like a  fun day right?

 photo Ducks_zpsc18a6950.jpg
Tshirt- Forever 21, Jacket- Gap, Hat-c/o Ducks in a row
 photo Ducks2_zpsb6748513.jpg

Happy Monday Friends! I am filming my March favorites video this afternoon! I have a few post lined up for next week but be sure to follow along on Instagram to catch my Vegas Adventure!


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