Well hello, friends. It sure has been a while! I've been a busy little bee lately. Valentine's Day was by far the busiest day of my life (working in the restaurant industry) which was just plopped in-between the busiest week of my life. So… now I find myself sitting in my hotel room in the glorious city of Las Vegas with a happy heart and bright eyes. Tomorrow is going to be the best day. Once again, I was selected (and voted) to be part of the official blogging team for WWD MAGIC and I couldn't be more excited. This is my happy place. Fashion, social media, all things pretty. I could just explode.

My time here will be spent working hard, discovering new brands and trends and speaking on panels. All the while being fueled by coffee, cupcakes and all the sweet treats from the candy store downstairs. I hope you enjoy the photos that I will be posting! I also have a little video to share with you! That will be up just as soon as I can find an internet connection faster than this ethernet cable. Uhhhh those still exist. #Truth.

Happy Tuesday my loves! Here are few photos from my journey so far!

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Young and Fabulous said...

WOOO!!!! love this an so happy for you!! that PJ pic is adorable. can we take a similar one when we go in like FORTY SOMETHING DAYS??!! :)


Jessica said...

You are too cute! I just discovered your blog through the Brunette One and her posts. I can't wait to start following along.

26 and Not Counting

Unknown said...

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