The beginning of an update

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There are some much needed updates that need to happen over here on Sabrina Says, but I'll be honest with you, the mere thought of sitting down and busting that out over a long weekend makes me want to cry a little. And maybe pull my hair out. So… That's why I've been making videos. Because they are easy and I don't have to write anything. (Read: me being lazy)

With the big trips I have coming up (Well.. two  trips to Vegas) I will have plenty of blogging/vlogging material. Lately I just feel like it's been a little bit of a stretch… Trying to come up with something important to say, taking pretty pictures when I don't actually want to get out of bed, and actually being on a consistent schedule. Blogging life is SO HARD. (That's a joke, I hope you know, it's just me being whiny)

So I may take a little break… I may not…. Maybe I will feel a little more inspired after my little weekend. Let's hope so, for the sake of everyone, that I come up with something a little more interesting to write about.

Happy Humpday, Friends! I'm off on a little adventure for the next two days! Follow along on instgram:


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