My Style: Dressing for the weather (or not)

 photo IMG_0180_zps9081503f.jpg
Blazer- ℅ Shop Riffraff, Tank and skirt- Forever 21, Shoes- Steve MaddenJewelry- Target

Winter is a tricky season to dress for. When I wake up and immediately hit with a wave of frost as I lift off the covers the only thing I want to dress for is catching up on Hulu in bed. So as a way to make myself be productive, I get dressed up. On this day in particular, I had to run a few errands, I did some laundry and I prepared some food for the week. Nothing special. But I guarantee you, if I had stayed in my sweats all day I probably would have done exactly none of those activities. The gloomy weather is depressing enough so I try not to allow myself to wallow in my seasonal slump.

As much as I love a good wool tight, and as much as this weather calls for it… I still feel myself wanting to rock a bare leg. I don't know why. It's totally inappropriate for the weather, I get that. And also I lost every shade of my summer tan, which is most unfortunate. Speaking of… I had to buy an even lighter shade of makeup yesterday. I almost cried.

Side note: I was definitely wearing my big winter coat when I set up this outfit shot, but I figured I would show you what was underneath.
 photo IMG_0184_zpsef8a71bf.jpg
 photo IMG_0194_zps7de27a3a.jpg
 photo IMG_0185_zpsb01eac4c.jpg
 photo IMG_0196_zps8591eb2e.jpg
 photo IMG_0198_zps08a0d9cc.jpg
 photo xmas_zps3de81168.jpg

Thank you for all your support with WWDMAGIC! Last year was such an amazing experience and I would be so lucky to do it all over again! I will fill you in when I hear about the contest finalists!

Happy Thursday, Friends!

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