I've been shot!

Over here at Sabrina Says, it's kind of a one woman show. I dress myself(aren't you proud?), I take all of my own pictures and I write my blogs. It's just the way things have been happening since the beginning of time, well, since the beginning of Sabrina Says.

A few days ago I had the opportunity to work with the creative spirit that is Deneise Bucko. First of all, I show up to her house and it was like all of my Pinterest dreams came true. Incredibly styled and bright. I was on the verge of asking if a could move in.

Off we headed to the most beautiful locations! Lady had a vision and we were on a mission! I had so much fun working with Deneise! I rarely let people take pictures of me.. I feel like I get awkward when other people are around, weird, right? But even if I was awkward Deneise just hollered back with a "So cute!" "Love it!" and everything was okay.

Here are a few of my favorites from the shoot.

Check out the full album HERE and like her Facebook page HERE

Happy Thursday, Friends! Things are looking' up!! 
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