Tears. Watch and you will see.

This video made my heart hurt in so many ways.

1. I am a female who has been through major milestones of human life. Puberty, middle school and high school. First loves, first time away from home and first heartbreaks. Surgeries, being fired and constantly searching for what's next. Although these events help make up my story, I try to not let them define me.

2.  My mom is the most beautiful person on the earth. She is where I get all of my strongest qualities. My strength, my laughter, my competitiveness, my patience, my love for Garth Brooks. My moms' story is not mine to tell, but I will say that she doesn't see herself the same way I see her. Her smile is something that can make the coldest heart warm. She is the most helpful and resourceful person, she has a coupon for everything and yet, she still surprises me with hilarious stories of road rage and bitches taking her park spots (She's not afraid to leave a note on your car).

3. As an adult, I still struggle with the way I view myself. Looking in from a social media perspective, you may think because I take so many pictures of myself I must riding that line of confident/conceited. I don't post pictures for mass approval or to get an overwhelming response of "you're so pretty" comments (although I DO appreciate those sweet sweet words). I post pictures because I think they are beautiful or funny or because they just fit my style.

This video struck a chord with me and my sensitive little heart. I feel for those girls because I was one of them. Questioning, reaching, doubtful. Confidence was a defense mechanism for me, but I faked it so long I started believing the things I was pretending to be. So now, at 26, I finally feel pretty good in my skin.

And feels really good to say that.

Have you seen these videos from Dove?
Watch The Dove Real Beauty Sketches  this is really beautiful.

What does beauty mean to you?

To me, #Beautyis when your heart and your eyes finally agree. 

Happy Wednesday, beautiful friends! 

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MacKensie said...

I love this post. I definitely shed a few tears through that video. Beautiful.



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