That time the yelling happened

 photo yell_zpsd6661c74.jpg
Jacket- Muubaa, Dress- ℅  Riffraff (similar), Booties- Vince Camuto

Yesterday, before a bridal photo shoot, I went out to take outfit pictures. Whenever I set out to do so I always expect one of two people to stop and ask (or just watch) as I take pictures of myself. Yes, I understand this is not a normal thing, but trust me… there are far more interesting things to stare at in this little town of mine.

But yesterday, if you just so happened to sit and watch, you would have seen a not-so-friendly exchange. Situation:
Lady who works at the Market I was taking pictures by.

As I snapped this single photo I see her walking towards me with clearly something on her mind. It was like she could barely hold the words in because I found her yelling before she even reached a close proximity. "What are you doing?!" Whoa, lady. Isn't it obvious?

I'm taking ultimate selfies.

And off she goes. Power trip to the max, only muttering the same phrase over and over again "You can't take pictures here." I understood the first time you said it and most definitely the last.

Trying to be as nice and non-reactive as I could, I walked off with a smile on my face cursing under my breath. Well, friends, there is a first time for everything. I'm kind of a bad-ass…. I got kicked out of an organic market's parking lot. Top that.

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Abbigayle @ Her Luxe Travels said...

lmao! thats awesome!!
sending a ton of love from abbi at stealstylist.com

Lisa said...

Oh what a buzzkill! You are pretty BA, though. ;)
Lisa | c/oMKE

Kelly said...

Oh girl, you're SUCH a badass. I mean... how dare you.
LOVE those shoes!

Jandyersn said...

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