My Style: Pops of color

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This time of year you basically have to lure me out of the house with promises of Nothing Bundt Cakes, a strong cup of coffee and at least $100. Just kidding about the money, but if you're offering…

All I want to do is sit my butt right in front of my space heater and wish the second season of Orange is the New Black onto Netflix. Of course, the responsibilities of being an adult do not allow me such luxuries. I have to do things like never-ending-laundry and grocery shop for semi healthy food. 

So to help myself feel like I'm being more productive (and so I don't leave the house in yoga pants and uggs everyday) I get dressed up. Even if dressing up means putting on every black item that I own, it works. 
The thing about black is… head to toe you look chic no matter what. So my favorite thing to do to break up the darkness is add little pops of color. A bright belt, fun Kate Spade mittens and my favorite Maybelline Fuscia Fever lipstick. 

Oh and did you notice that little sparkle of blue on my ears? Those earrings are from Smart Couture, and guess what? They were inspired by yours truly! They are called The Sabrina and next week I will be hosting a giveaway. Who doesn't want a little Sabrina in their life? Am I riiiight? 

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Kristin Thompson said...

I love the pops of pink! It's my favorite color!


walking dot photography said...

I am ALL about the all-black. So easy and so cute, especially with those random pops of color. :)

Lisa said...

I just started Orange is the New Black and I LOVE it. Also, those SHOES!
Lisa | c/oMKE

Katie said...

Love those gloves. Kate Spade is the best. I really love all black but it so hard for me to wear since my hair sheds like a cat. I have to carry a lint roller with me everywhere.

youmaysayimadreamer said...

So cool on the earrings!

Unknown said...

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