My Style: Fire and Ice

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If you follow me on instagram//twitter//facebook you might have noticed I got a little dressed up last weekend. 

Now it's not often I throw on my freakum dress and middle-part my hair. (I can't help but get all Beyonce on you…have you heard her new album?!)

Last weekend King Beverage and some of the best local businesses hosted a party themed: Fire and Ice. 

Well played, Spokane. This event turned out to be one of the best I have been to in a long time! First,  I got to get a new dress. Ah-thank-you Lulus.com This dress was a show stopper. And I know what you're thinking. Yes, I have boobs. And no, I probably won't show them again for another six years. Maybe I should go to more parties. 

And at $36? Amazing. I probably would have paid at least double had I known how big of a hit it would be. 

Buy it HERE

And guess what? I didn't spill anything on myself. Not at dinner, not at the party, not after the party. 
I'm pretty proud. 

So I bet you're wondering who my date is, right?

Well… He's not Blog-official yet. (As some people like to say)
Although he is on my blog. And I'm sitting next to him right now watching House of Cards. 

Until next time, friends! Happy Friday! 

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P.s. Katie got new glasses from Warby Parker. Cute, huh? 
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