My Christmas Best

Today was a normal day.
I woke up.
Edited the blog I wrote at 2:30 in the morning.
Dozed off  for a while watching a Christmas episode of Glee.
Maybe ate a Christmas cookie or two somewhere in between. Don't judge me.

And then I fully woke up and did the things I needed to do like laundry and cleaning out my refrigerator. Ohhh the glamorous life of Sabrina. But then! THEN! I chose to leave the house. I'm pretty sure there was a 'Yonce anthem trailing me everywhere I went because I felt Fabulous. No joke. My thought process for this day:
"What do I wear with this faux fur jacket?

Sequins and more sequins."

That's pretty much how this outfit was born. Boring, I know… but it's my life.

So as I walked through Trader Joe's getting the essentials like triple ginger snaps and peanut butter pretzels, I noticed the amount of looks I was getting. And I'm pretty sure they weren't all that impressed. C'mon people. It's Christmas! Time to bust out the clothes you don't normally wear, or in my case, you wear on a day to day basis. Join in with me! Wear your sequins. Wear your heels in the slush. Do things that make absolutely no sense. That's what Christmas is all about, right?

 photo IMG_0129_zpsdaf58cd4.jpg
 photo IMG_0126_zpsb3609351.jpg
 photo IMG_0130_zps13d040f3.jpg photo IMG_0138_zps8d6532c5.jpg
 photo IMG_0133_zps867d0f4f.jpg
 photo IMG_0141_zps3a95c68e.jpg
 photo IMG_0143_zps1353ea23.jpg
 photo IMG_0145_zps43471afe.jpg
 photo IMG_0156_zps27e87da5.jpg

Merry Christmas Eve, Friends! I hope the holidays treat you well.

I am so thankful for each and every one of you! Thank you so much for being apart of this crazy, amazing journey. You make each day so exciting and meaningful. I appreciate you. I really do.

Okay, now go eat Christmas cookies and drink way too much!

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Anonymous said...

They were probably noticing your fabulous ensemble and the joyful vibe you were radiating! Merry Christmas, Sabrina, to you and yours!!

Kristin Thompson said...

LOVE this look! Merry Christmas!


Katie said...

i love it. i wore a REALLY sparkly dress to Christmas eve service at church. i was nervous because i was sure to be the most dressed up but i figured oh well. might as well rock it.

noor said...

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