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Jacket- BCBGeneration, Shoes- Zara (similar) Skirt (similar
Tights- Forever21 (I can only find black ones with small polka dots :( )

This year. Woah. I could say so many things about time just flying by.. but I will refrain. I'll be completely honest with you… I don't really make resolutions because I know I won't keep them. Last year I made a semi- resolution telling myself I will be better about taking my makeup off before bed… It didn't really stick.

I don't know what I'm going to tell myself I'll be better at this year… maybe straightening my hair less? Moisturizing more? Lord knows I will probably work out the same amount (which is a really sad amount) And my eating habits will be just about the same, and giving up alcohol…. well I just love champagne a little too much. SO what should it be?

I was having a conversation the other day about what kind of girl I am. This may or may not make sense and I understand this is sort of a jumbled mess but bare with me.
When I first met Samantha of The Brunette One, I walked into our Hard Rock hotel room and was greeted with a big smile and friendly hug. The next thing she said was this, " I called up for more towels, I'm a two towel kind of girl."

Since that very day, I have thought non- stop about what kind of girl I am. I tried to come up with things but I guess they never really felt right:

I'm a sleep all day kind of girl.
I'm a binge watching netflix kind of girl
I'm an eat ice cream out of the container kind of girl

So now, my goal for this year is to really find out what kind of girl I am. Sounds strange, right? But really… do you know what kind of girl (or guy) you are?
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Erica said...

cute tights!

Katie said...

first of all, love the tights!

I have no idea what kind of girl I am and now you have me wondering!

Rissy said...

I actually am a binge watching Netflix kind of girl...

And this year I vow to be a "I don't date douche bags" kind of girl.

I loved this post : )

Unknown said...

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