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As the weather changes and temperature falls my motivation seems to drop right along with it. I don't know if you feel the same, but cold weather and snowy roads just make me want to lock my doors and watch Pretty Little Liars non-stop. (Feel free to insert your own guilty pleasure TV show).

In an effort to combat my motivation woes; list-making is my answer. 

Lists, you say? Why yes, yes I do.
I'm telling you this is my cure-all for seasonal depression. And if you live in the Pacific Northwest, you know exactly what I'm talking about.  There is something about making that little check mark on that daily list… mini victories, that's what I like to call them. What I like to do is make my goals attainable. I don't write things like "Clean my whole house" or "Organize my closet." My to-dos are much more do-able and also include fun rewards.

Here's an example:
1. Vacuum carpet and mop the kitchen
Reward: Pentatonix- Evolution of Beyonce dance party.
2. Clean out refrigerator and take out trash
Reward: Paint nails

I don't know if I would even get anything done if there wasn't the promise of a girly reward. Pathetic, I know. Time consuming? Yes! In the end, I am left with a clean(ish) house and well groomed self.

Now… That's my idea of domestic. 

 photo Boots3_zps0c31e359.jpg
 photo Boots4_zps5e21f09c.jpg
 photo Boots5_zps49ead61f.jpg
 photo Boots2_zps4686c7b9.jpg
 photo Boots_zpse378aebc.jpg

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Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

I can't believe it's already snowing where you are! Even in the snow and cold, you look adorable!
Sincerely, Sara

Pamela said...

Snowwww! You look adorable!

Holly said...

The last two days I worked out and rewarded myself with wine. I hadn't thought of this to-do list/reward combo before - but I really think you're on to something!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't believe that you guys got snow already! I'm headed to Leavenworth this weekend and I'm almost praying they have snow... I know I'm probably going to be let down though.

Unknown said...

Cute outfit sabrina. LOVE the glasses! Miss you!

Unknown said...

LOve the glasses and the coat, Im jealous you have snow already! :(
and i love making lists for chores and rewarding my self after its the best system!~

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