My Style: A slow fade

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As the sun disappears and in sets the everlasting cold, the tone of my skin lessens to a shade of frightening white. As much as it kills me to have to replace all of my make up with at least 19 shades lighter, at 26 years old I have finally realized the importance of taking care of my skin.

Twenty-five was by far the WORST year EVER for my skin. I tried every skin product/ routine… nothing worked. I could have just rubbed straight up grease on my face and it wouldn't have made a difference. Dramatic? ehh..

As I stand here as a responsible-sunscreen-wearing-adult, I think back at all of the times I slathered all of those smell-good-skin-crisping oils on my olive skin. The result? A real nice tan. Also… sun spots. Not so attractive, let me tell you.  So, I'm done with it. Even though, I'm pretty sure I look 10 shades hotter with a tan, I'd rather save my skin now.

So now I'm on a mission to find the best EVER self tanner. If you have suggestions please let me know. I might even do a hilarious self-tanner application video, if you're lucky.

Oh! And I have a little confession: I made the no-look -makeup-challenge video after drinking a few glasses of wine… when I reviewed it the next morning I realized there was NO way I would ever post it online. Well… maybe I'll give you the outtakes as a christmas gift.

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Please let me know what your skin care/ self tan routine is! I would love to know!

Happy Humpday, friends!


Ashley said...

Banana Boat lotion....make friends with it. It will serve you well this winter.

Katie said...

please do a self tanner video. I am not a girl who has EVER been able to tan but i'd sure love a good self tanner.

Meanwhile Back At The Ranch said...

I hands down love the neutrogena pore minimizing line. I have oily skin, and my pores have always been a tender spot for me. Probably 3 years or so ago a friend have me a container of Trish McEvoy alpha hydroxy pads which worked wonders, and I realized the exact same 'ish is in the neutrogena line. I've been using the scrub, follow with the time, use whatever eye cream is my fave at the moment, and will *sometimes* moisturizer with a matte or oil free product. I had a MAC guru tell me people with oily skin need to fight oil with oil, so I've been reading up on oil cleansing: a mixture of vitamin e oil, castor oil, whatever to cleanse with. Makes sense, if you're constantly stripping oils from your face the glands just over produce. I have been using straight up vitamin e oil at night after I exfoliate and *I* can tell it's doing its job. I'm like you, olive skinned so when I'm tan it's like I'm a whole new person, but the winter months call for subtle bronzers. Glad I'm not the only one with this conundrum.

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