Price of Happiness

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There are times in life we sacrifice a bit of ourselves for the promise of happiness in the future. I'm sure you've done this. I have done this. I am doing this right now, actually. 
I've got dreams, babe. And they are bigger than this little city right here. 
For now, I am giving up small pieces of myself. Like a happiness payment plan. 
I'm hoping I get a return on this investment. 

Today, I sit here slowly waking up, drinking my coffee and writing to you. This is happiness. 
Later, I'll be making a video.
Picking up my guitar again (as per Sergio).
Calling my best friend. 
This is happiness. 

Although temporary, this stage of semi-selling-my-soul is wearing thin on my heart. 
And you know what happens when my heart isn't happy. 
I've made a promise to myself I won't run from this. 
I won't just sell all of my possessions and leave in the middle of the night.
But that kind of romantic escape is calling my name. 

For now, I will deal with the decisions that have already been made. 
It sounds sad to put happiness on hold, but until I can get where I need to be…. that's kind of where I'm at. 

Just a feeling. Thought I'd share.

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Happy Humpday, Friends!
Be sure to check out my October Favorites video from yesterday!
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Gentri said...

You and I need to live in the same place. Thank you for this post, it's so beautiful and something I needed to read too. :)

Lisa said...

I definitely know what you mean; I've been in this place too. You've put it into some beautiful words.
Lovely sweater.

xo Lisa | Making Life's Lemons

Lauren Cooper said...

Holy moly I feel like a wrote this post my dang self! In the same place feeling the same way girlfriend. But we got this! Happiness is only a few sacrifices away. :)

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