My Style: Swish

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A word of advice: when wearing sheer wide leg pants, make sure you are always wearing your game face.

The amount of looks and head tilts you will receive will rival Miley at the VMA's. Even without the twerking.

I mean… are these THAT outrageous? I want an honest opinion. Go ahead, speak your mind.
 photo IMG_9851_zps89fc2c71.jpg
 photo IMG_9858_zpsba335f73.jpg
 photo IMG_9852_zps93385475.jpg
 photo IMG_9840_zps058e63a6.jpg
 photo IMG_9841_zps50d39c99.jpg
 photo IMG_9832_zps4daab761.jpg
 photo IMG_9827_zps97f382a8.jpg
 photo IMG_9836_zpsa8c663de.jpg
 photo IMG_9831_zpsf52d9ea5.jpg
 photo IMG_9839_zpsfd04eead.jpg
Flare Pants- Shop RiffRaff, Jacket and belt-Forever 21, Crop top- Marshalls, Booties- Vince Camuto

I will tell you this much: No matter where I am, no matter what city I live, I wear what I want.
And I don't mean that in a bratty-you-can't-tell-me-what-to-wear sort of way…..

But really…

Somedays I feel like wearing leather leggings, somedays I feel like wearing yoga pants and somedays I feel like wearing sheer-wide-leg-pants.

There could be worse things, I'm sure.

Shop this look:


Young and Fabulous said...

things could be worse..you could feel like wearing mileys VMA get up!!

i think these look awesome on you! especially equipped with your game face! :D

also love that top so much! loved it when you wore it in NEW YAWK!!


Pamela said...

You can def pull this off!! Me on the other hand? No, ha! Love your jacket too!!

Amy Willingham said...

I love your pants and top! Who cares about the stairs, I much rather feel good in something then just wearing a tee and pants like they were??

Rebeka said...

I definitely don't think they're too outrageous. You are rockin' them. And I agree, wear what you want regardless of where you are. That being said, you might not get those looks if you were in Seattle as opposed to Spokane, but then again, maybe you would? Either way, keep doing your thing because you look great!! XO

Katie said...

they are THAT outrageous. But. I really love them and you totally pull them off. And it looks classy and not Miley Cyrus at the VMA's trashy.

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