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The week of my birthday is winding down to it's final hours. I tried to stretch it out for as long as I could until the lady at the liquor store told me my I.D. had expired. Not cool.

My weekend is going to be pretty quite. A clean house, some Netflix and my new flannel sheets. If you haven't noticed, I am an adult now. I'm in my mid-to-late-20's.

It's official.

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What does your weekend look like? Big plans? Or are you going to be lame like me and have a Revenge marathon?
Although that sounds pretty awesome.

Next week I have a VLOG for you!! It's my October favorites! Just an assortment of things that I think you will love!

Have a great weekend, Friends!

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Wally said...

Happy Birthday! Have a great birthday weekend! We're supposed to go to a Halloween party and I made my costume.. Hopefully I don't chicken out because it is my take on an owl, but it could look bag lady ish if I'm not careful..Enjoy turning a year older! I will be 38 in January and things do get better with age, I promise. Happy Birthday !! By the way, this is my 2nd time to comment.. I hope this isn't creepy.. Since I'm a total stranger and all.. :) I love your blog.

MacKensie said...

This is adorable. Love the hair. :)

Unknown said...

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