A fishtail, a travel tale and a playlist.

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Traveling is a definite passion of mine. I love exploring new cities, trying new foods and making new friends.
Over the years I have been to some amazing cities; Austin, San Francisco, Boston, Portland... just to name a few.
I am so fortunate to be able to travel as much as I do. I have a great job that allows me the freedom to plan trips and fun getaways. This is what I work for. I work so I can play.
I work so I can go on crazy adventures and follow my heart to unknown places.
And that is exactly what I am doing today.
Today I'm following my heart to NYC.
And I'm pretty sure I'm going to fall in love.
I've been known to fall in love with cities.

 photo IMG_9817_zps92518ace.jpg
 photo IMG_9819_zpsdee3d773.jpg
 photo IMG_9824_zps436727a1.jpg
 photo IMG_9820_zps4fbf7296.jpg

Through all of my travels, one thing has always been a MUST before travel, and that is create and crazy amazing playlist. I've created a small playlist to help you tap into what my favorites sounds are right now. I highly suggest you listen, your ears will love!

I cannot wait to show you everything I discover while I'm in NYC. I'm about ready to blow up your intsa feed!

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Happy Tuesday, Friends! 


Vickie said...

sounds exciting! safe and happy travels!

Ashley said...

whoo hoo! have so much fun! can't wait to get home and listen to some of these!

Unknown said...

Love the braid! And have so much fun in NYC! I'll be in in NYC this weekend too- can't wait to hit up all my old favorites!!
Lauren at www.lakeshorelady.com

Gentri said...

GAH! Love that hairstyle! I wish I had enough hair to do this. So pretty.

Erica said...

your hair is so amazing!! suits you perfectly :)

Unknown said...

Here's my response, and I welcome any outside input that could help Lauren figure out these issues. I could especially use some help on the height of food dishes — I've heard some people say a raised bowl reduces a dog's chance of bloat and others say exactly the opposite. I'm not honestly sure what the correct answer is, so I welcome some insight on that matter.

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