My Style: Boho Chic

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A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend my very first polo event. Me, being highly sophisticated and never forgetting my manners, decided to take a little more casual approach to the "Derby Style" dress code.
You see, I have never been one to follow the rules.
I have never been one to take the easy path.
I'm more of the trail-through-the-woods type of girl.

Something that I am most proud of is in any situation I always stay true to myself and what I believe.
I believe in kindness.
I believe in doing what feels right.
and I believe in being happy.

I follow my heart.
And my heart said, "Dress like a hippy"

So I did.

 photo IMG_9438_zpsa1b02ba5.jpg
Bag- Imoshion
 photo IMG_9437_zpsf188b17d.jpg
 photo IMG_9436_zpsc2deb1c4.jpg
 photo IMG_9439_zps6f39d3a9.jpg
 photo IMG_9435_zps80107a9f.jpg
 photo IMG_9432_zpsc9303c17.jpg
 photo IMG_9431_zps9f40298f.jpg
 photo IMG_9430_zpse1930781.jpg

Shop this look:

Happy Wednesday, Friends!
I am gearing up to head to New York in less than a week!

This is my first time in NYC so I would love any suggestions you have! What are you favorite places? Must-see and Must-do? 


So shay said...

Sabrina...I don't know if anyone told you this buuuuut...


Oh and you are beautiful.

Sam said...

That headpiece is fantastic!

Young and Fabulous said...

SOO GORGEOUUUSSS i cant handle it

love that headband and the dress and shoes and your hair and of course you :-)

can we dress like hippies in NY?!?!? :D


Liz/ said...

Super cute outfit, you are Gorgeous!!!

choose to be happy blog said...

gorgeous!! in fact! i just got on nordstroms site and found it at the mall right across the street from me! hehehe going to try it on after work ;) you should get commission ;) <---a lot of winking, but i felt it was necessary.

its ivory, cant i still wear it now... i mean, ivory isnt white! i figured id ask you, my fashion guru

Unknown said...

We used the Cup of Jo NYC Guide and it did not dissapoint, the little lobster roll place was adorableand probably the best ever. We also spent 1/2 a day in Brooklyn stopping in little bars for tasty cocktails when we fancied and ate everything at the Smorgasburg (totally worth the lines).

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