WWD MAGIC: First Night Out

Okay. I know you've all been curious what I've been up to and if you follow me on Instagram you may have seen a little sneak peak, but let me give you the full meal deal.

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The day on the floor at magic was amazing. I had my first panel at the Social House. It was about being vocal with visual. So I was able to talk about my favorite social media, best apps, the pros and cons of Insta vs. Vine... it was something that I love to talk about but no one ever asks! It made me realize I had answers to questions that I didn't even know I knew! I have an opinion about social media that was pretty unexpected to myself. Isn't is nice when you surprise yourself?

 photo IMG_8340_zps8c63f09e.jpg
 photo Untitled-1_zpsa975e01e.jpg
 photo SERIOUS_zpsfa9dcbe8.jpg

Throughout this whole week I have been learning, observing and experiencing first hand the amazing things bloggers can really do. It's been a fantastic realization that if I start being more committed and consistent I can start working with amazing brands and take my blog in a direction I have always wanted. I'm just so overwhelmed with happiness.

Okay now on to the good stuff.
Last night HYDE at the Bellagio hosted the Official Blogging team. We were greeted with bottles, sweet hosts and a hot security guard. Have I mentioned that I am completely and utterly boy crazy?

 photo PhotoAug21124215AM_zps850fb101.jpg
Our private security guard, James.

The night was amazing. Sam (The Brunette One) and I danced and hopped from table to table (I'm pretty sure we weren't supposed to do that) but we wanted to experience everything we could. I might have taken a little spill and I might have a huge bruise on my right butt cheek, but it was worth it.

 photo PhotoAug21123611AM_zps121a40ac.jpg
Mini me.
 photo PhotoAug2112433AM_zpsc3bd0e12.jpg

 photo PhotoAug20114230PM_zpsc67e1322.jpg
Bare feet much better for dancing. And we danced ALL night long.

 photo PhotoAug2115042AM_zps2467d854.jpg

I have to say, my first experience going out in Vegas is going to be hard to top. Private table, a group of amazing girls (and a few guys), private body guard (Who we are pretty sure was a stripper), and 3 bottles of Ciroc.
Currently I am being fueled by coffee and giggles from last nights memories. Yes... there are a few blurry moments. Yes I fell (twice). YesI will be back.

I'm already planning my next trip. Oh Vegas, what have you done.


Pamela said...

Daaannng, girl! ;)

Unknown said...

Told you. Now you are obsessed with Vegas. I can't wait :) Miss you and I'm glad you're having the best time EVER!!!!! Oh! and there maaaaaaaaaayyyyy be a surprise for you at home!

Young and Fabulous said...

omg I want to be here with you


and on the tables. yes girl! remember us on the bar in Austin?!? SO FUN

and the security guard...holy hell. He is HOTTTT


Unknown said...

Oh my god that picture of you and the security guard! Please tell me you had a steamy make out sesh following that photo being taken! Haha!

Holly said...

Was loving all your Instagram pics from Vegas. Looks like a blast!

Unknown said...

Love this post, I can't wait to visit Vegas later this month :)

Unknown said...

Love your burgundy hat! I'd love a chance to go to MAGIC :)

xo Ashley

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