For the little ones.

Sabrina Says has always been a space for me to be open, talk about feelings, issues, style or whatever it is in that very moment. I always want this to be a place where you can feel like you are leaving knowing me just a little bit better. 

Well, if you know me at all, you know that I love children. I started going to school to be an elementary teacher, I have been babysitting since I was ten and I can hardly walk past a baby without fighting back to urge to kiss its cheeks. My nieces and nephews are the most precious (and adorable) and I couldn't imagine life without their sweet little faces. 

So when I hear that one of my friends darling 3-year old niece is diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer, I can't just sit and do nothing. 

Meet Courtney:

Although I have never met this little ray of sunshine, you can see just how full of life she is. 

I have to say one of the greatest things about being a blogger is the sense of community. It's like we know each other without really "knowing" each other. And this is why I am asking for your help. In any form you can. Courtney is currently under going daily radiation and weekly chemo treatments. 
These procedures are incredibly expensive. 
You know this. 

I feel like I know you, my readers, and I wouldn't put anything out there that I didn't truly believe in, and I truly believe in helping others in need. 

Take a look HERE. This is an inspiring story of a 9 year old girl donating her college fund to help Courtney. It's acts like this that truly warm my heart.

So now here's where I ask: If you have anything to to spare... ANYTHING at all. Please think about helping out this little one. 
You can donate HERE

And even if you can't donate please help spread the word!

Thank you, Friends.

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Unknown said...

Exactly-even if you can't donate, spreading the word helps. I truly wish cancer upon NO ONE. It's heart breaking. But there are such amazing people out there with big hearts. Thanks again Sabrina for wanting to do this. Your kindness goes a long way! :)

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