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In two days I will be hopping on a plane and heading to the most glorious (or so I've heard) city of lights: Las Vegas!!

This whole experience has barely even started and I am absolutely out of my mind with excitement.
So what exactly should you be expecting from me during MAGIC Market Week?

I will be heavily populating all forms of social media with new brands, beautiful bloggers, outfit post and random musings throughout my trip! Here's how you can follow along:

Twitter: SabrinaSaysBlog
Instagram: SabrinaSaysBlog

And be sure to follow the blogging team that I'm apart of!

Gorgeous, right?

There are no words to express just how grateful I am for this opportunity.
In the mean time... I'm working on a finishing a wedding and a family shoot.
Sunday, hurry up!

What does your weekend look like? Any big plans? Are you going to WWDMAGIC? Contact me if you are and we can plan to meet up!


jessica said...

i finally have a weekend where i don't have to work so you besta believe i'm being lazy alllll weekend long!

have fun in vegas. please blow my instagram feed up!! i want the full scoop :)

Unknown said...

enjoy your time in Vegas!

Ashley said...

sooo excited! and i am LOVING your snap chats so keep them up lady! i want to see the whole experience!

Sarah Alway said...

Have a great timem in Sin City! I went to two weddings last weekend and I'm definitely still recovering...

Sarah @ Life As Always

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