A Point of Realization

As many of you know, I applied for The Bachelor. 
As some of you know, The Bachelor starts taping in September.
Just a little over 2 weeks. 

I'm going to go ahead say... I'm pretty sure I didn't make the cut.
Trust me, I've already gone through every emotion.
Hopeful. In denial. Optimistic. Angry. SO self-assured. Pissed. and now....
I'm okay.

*sniff sniff*

Yes. I am super disappointed, but at the same time I'm surrounded by the greatest people that are constantly spewing their support in whatever it is I choose to do! 

Okay... So, I didn't make it onto a reality TV show... I apologize for getting your hopes up.
 Forgive me?

But I do need to say ONE thing. 


It's incredible the amount of support I had in this crazy journey! So many comments to the tune of
 "I don't watch that show, but I would watch it if you were on" 

That honestly meant so much to me. 
I mean, my URL got snatched up because of the traffic from YOU! 
My URL became valuable because YOU were all interested in ME.
YOU are amazing. 
It's science. 

That's all I really wanted to say. 
The support you provide me and my lovely little blog makes my heart oh-so-happy. 
Please know this: I am so grateful!

To be honest, this blog wouldn't be here without the support of you. 

So here's a few random iPhone photos to reward you for your loyalty.
You worked for these and I worked it for you. 
That's what friendship is all about. 

You're the best. 
All of you. 


julia rose. said...

booooo on the bachelor!! i knew there had to be another reason i'm not a fan of the show anymore. but i was TOTALLY going to watch it if you were on there!
ps- you're the cutest! and those nails? i may have to copy you...

Unknown said...

What about going after one of those awesome adventure reality shows - The Amazing Race with a buddy or something like that?

Gentri said...

Aw, I'm so sorry, Sabrina. They have no idea what a great thing they just passed up! You are amazing and will just have to find love the conventional way, I guess. ;)

So shay said...

You are meant for great things my friend. KEEP YOUR HEAD UP! I love you always and always. Amazing Race??? ;)

Ashley said...

the bachelor people are not the best pickers - i mean, they chose BEN for crying out loud for a whole entire season. clearly....they missed out!

and i have to agree with Shay - you are meant for big, huge things! love you!

Landon DeFelice said...

You're an amazing girl. You'll get em next time.

Unknown said...

Boo! I could totally see you and Juan Pablo shacking up. Prettiest babies eva.

Elizabeth McMullen said...

I think you could do better than Juan whatever his name is. The Bachelor is so much heartache, I wouldn't want you on it anyway.

Liz/ said...

Oh boo, although I think you could do way better than Juan Pablo! Not a huge fan of him, he's Hot but that's about all! You are amazing and gorgeous and so full of life....bigger and better things are coming your way!!

Kait said...

You are so cute and seriously...ABC is the one missing out. You see what we did for your blog? Imagine what we could do for their ratings. BUT REALLY ;) I've loved following your journey. And I solemnly swear, no one will ever make a better audition video! XO

Anonymous said...

Aw no! I'm sorry girl! You are so awesome and I secretly want to be your BFF! I know something even more awesome will happen for you! :)

Sarah Alway said...

I broke up with the Bachelor a couple seasons ago because I can't stand the drawn out two hour episodes. And now that they have rejected you as well, I know I made the right decision (assholes!). ;-)

Sarah @ Life As Always

Sam said...

This is totally the bachelor's loss because you my dear would have been incredible on the show! You are just too cute and classy for them! On to bigger and better things :)

KatieKBF said...

Hey FYI, pretty sure Jason Mesnick didn't make it on the first time they interviewed him... They ended up calling him for Deanna's season but I thought I heard on his podcast that he didnt make it the first time he tried. Maybe they are waiting for a better guy than JP? He's sexy and all, but I follow him on Twitter, and you seem WAY too smart for him!
Maybe we could start a "Sabrina for The Bachelorette" campaign?? You would be so much fun to watch!

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