A list and a half.

This long break calls for easy reading and bullet points. Let's do this.

What have I been up to the past few weeks?
- my domain name expired... so I have been pulling out my hair trying to fix it.
      (please be sure to enter in the "www" before SabrinaSaysBlog.com so it will actually take you here.
-Applying for The Bachelor
-Lots of fun photoshoots!
-Finalizing the details on my Photography Website
-Listening to some amazing music
-Gaining inspiration for a styled shoot I have been DYING to put together
-Not washing my hair.
-Collaborating with SheInspires (An AMAZING blog!)
-Eating surprisingly healthy
-Painting my nails
-Getting some sunshine
-Texting like CRAZY
-Social Media for Mishakaudi
-Rocking fringe boots
-Trying out new lipsticks (turns out opaque orange is not my color)
-Lighting lots and lots of candles
-Sketching, crafting and sewing.
-Playing my guitar
-Road trip to Seattle
-Rooftop party
-Putting avocados on everything
-Getting ready for July weddings
-Enjoying patio weather
-Riding my bike (I still need a bell)

I'm sure I left out a few things (mainly alcohol, but that goes with patio weather).

This past month has been absolutely crazy, but SO rewarding.

As far as The Bachelor goes... I will share ALLL of the details with you tomorrow accompanied by an outfit post!

P.S. What do you think of the new design? I wanted to keep it simple and clean. I found it on Etsy and Kelly was an ABSOLUTE joy to work with. Check out her shop at Pink and Lola

P.P.S. When I'm not blogging, I am ALWAYS on Instagram. Follow me:  @SabrinaSaysBlog


Young and Fabulous said...

i looooves your new design my love! So perfect and you :)

I love that your list includes not washing your hair and putting avacados on everything. Hahah i heart you

you did forget one thing.....

oVoo-ing with the best, hottest, sexiest people EVER :-P

I cannot waiiiiiitttt for july so we find out about bachelor! big things poppin g-frand!!


brooke lyn said...

love, love, love you new blog design. might be because i rock the same one. Pink + Lola always does it right :) so fresh and so clean, clean.

Chelsea said...

I love the new blog design! Sometimes simple is best (especially when you have a lot of fun and exciting content!). Can't wait to see and here more about what you've been up to.

Chelsea & The City

Kait said...

I can't wait for all the details on the Bachelor! I made my fiance watch your audition tape, because I loved it THAT much. Even he was really impressed, so that pretty much means you've got it in the bag ;) I am equally obsessed with your blog design and am heading over to check out Pink and Lola now! XOX

hope @ a cup of Hope said...

New Reader--
You seem like you have lots of exciting things going on in your life! That's awesome. :)
And the Bachelor? Even more awesome!!

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