Sabrina Says: Applying Lipstick

Sometimes lipstick is the perfect accessory to an otherwise plain outfit.
Jeans and a tee? Add a fuscia lip and BOOM. You're a fashion blogger.

Striped dress and bolo hat? A poppy red lip and BOOM. I'm a brunette Taylor Swift. You know, the evil one from her music video.

My secret to a smooth lip that holds color is exfoliating. Watch this video to see my 5 steps to applying lipstick!


Liz/ said...

I love your videos and seriously could you be any cuter!!! Good tips!

Samantha said...

Love these short & sweet videos! You are the most adorable / funnest person ever! (Note: Funnest = Not a word, but it still describes you, regardless!)

Rebeka said...

This is the cutest!!

Chelsea said...

How cute are you Sabrina?! I love those lip colors and I think you picked a perfect one.

Chelsea & The City

Unknown said...

I've just started wearing lipstick for the first time in my life and i am in loveeee with it! Great vid Sabrina ;) xx

Whim Wham Life said...

Beautimous!!! BOOM! You're dynamite! xoxo

Alissa said...

I just found your blog and I swear this post was made for me! I always, always have such a hard time getting color to stick. I need to get a lip exfoliator!

Anonymous said...

Love your videos!! You are, "cute as a button" - to steal a quote from my Grandma.

Love the song, who is it? and name of song, please. Thanks! :-)

Good luck with The Bachelor, they'd be CRAZY not to pick you for the show! :-)

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