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Lace Blazer- Rory Beca (Similar)
Sunnies- Kate Spade

When choosing a location for my "selfies" I normally pick a place that's semi out of the way. 
Dirt Roads. 
Places where there is only a slight chance for onlookers. 

Lately, I have been envisioning something much different. 
For some reason, I have it stuck in my head that I want to be in a huge crowd of people while taking my OOTD photos. 
I'm really trying to kick this here blog up a notch and I think that is exactly where I'm headed. 

My weekend is taking me to Seattle for my brothers wedding and by golly, I'm going to be take selfies at the market if it kills me!
So if you're in Seattle this weekend look for the girl making a total ass of herself by the flowers. 

I promise, it's a show you'll want to watch. 

Let's be honest: taking pictures of yourself is always kind of awkward... throw in the stunts and struts that I pull out... and BOOM. May-Ja. 

When there people stop and watch it normally ends in one of two ways:
1. I wave, smile and give my audience the show they expect.
2. I say a million curse words in my head, pack up my stuff and leave.

I think you can guess what happened here. 
 photo march_1_zpsa6c03796.jpg

THIS guy completely threw off my shot. 
The bridge was my spot that day and... Look who comes trotting on by. 
Some dude with a HUGE camera and tripod. 

As he's walking by... "I'm probably going to be in your shot."
Thanks, buddy. Thanks a lot.

So I packed up my stuff and moved to a different location, which actually worked out really well.
I will show you those photos tomorrow.

Would you be interested in a little "behind the scenes" look at how I do my photoshoots?

I'm thinking of making a little video.....Thoughts?

Ladies and Gents it's Wednesday.
I hope yours is the best ever. 
And I mean it. 


Allie said...

This post is hilarious! This is why I can't take OOTD shots because I am way too awkward for words. I hope your wednesday is wonderful as well!

Raven said...

I can't wait to see those pics! You so would...and I so would with you.

Jessica Kiger said...

Gah, try being pregnant and taking OOTD pics. Double awkward factor! I've been sticking to fields and the front yard for now. I loved this post though, you're a funny girl.

Gentri said...

I would love a behind the scenes post!!

Life etc... said...

Hahaha this is sooo funny! I wish I was as brave as you - I absolutely refuse to do photos if anyone's around! I'd love to hear your tips and tricks :)


Rebeka said...

A little video would be amazing! And if I'm near the market on Saturday I'll look for you (I know I'll be there Sat evening, but not sure about day). Hope you have a fun weekend in Seattle.

teacups + B cups said...

Too funny. You should have had him take your photos!

Ashley Robyn said...

Video please and thank you. I love the one you made shay for her birthday (she was my wedding photographer and is a if muffin head). I love to learn.

walking dot photography said...

haha! Love it! (and I can sympathize - I love photographing other people, but I feel SO AWKWARD when people see me taking selfies! Which is which I usually resort to only doing that indoors. totes lame, I know :p)

Karrine Beasley said...

YAY! Thanks for this post Sabrina, i'd love a behind the scenes video, im still working on my own selfie taking courage, aka im still too scared to try it!

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