Leading you on.

First of all, I want to start off by saying how incredibly heavy my heart is for the victims, families and loved ones of yesterdays attack in Boston. I have a special place in my heart for Boston due to one of my bests, Erica. I'm so thankful our girlfriends are in the know and immediately contact each other when things like this happen.
Erica and her family are all safe.

Thank God. 

Today is going to be update central on this here blog. But really, it's just sort of a snippet of what's to come.
I'm leading you on. Hey, at least I'm upfront.

But the best thing about this post, is there will be a follow up tomorrow.
So, I'm not really leading you on... I'm just making you wait.

And then I'll totally put out.

I just thought I'd take it there since you and your dirty mind already did. I know you so well :)

Okay enough pillow talk.

What I've been up to:

1. The Apple Brides Vendor Conference.
I cannot wait to share with you all that I learned! It really was an amazing experience! 
2. Getting my hair did. 
 photo photo-4_zps8e264dd9.jpg
More photos this week!
4. Snapping photos everywhere.
 photo stirmartini_12_edited-1_zps4ce3b964.jpg
Stir lounge
 photo 130413-Hope_Run032_zps3928ec6f.jpg
The Hope 5K! Such an amazing event I got to be apart of!
Thank you Don Hamilton for the photo!
View the event HERE
 photo HC_19_edited-1_zpsaf47f51f.jpg 
And this couple... I just LOVE.
Have you liked my photography page?
Sabrina Life Photography
3. Playing with babies.
 photo Dylan_11_edited-1_zps744817d9.jpg
Sweet little boys in bowties. I die. 
4. Cleaning
 photo photo-5_zps5e223fd7.jpg
That's my cleaning hat. It gets me pumped up. 
5. Telling ghost stories
 photo photo-7_zpsc89bd12f.jpg
Do you believe in ghosts? We will discuss later this week. 
6. Painting my nails, of course...
 photo photo-2_zps5e911ce6.jpg
I'll share my secret to wearing neon nail polish!

And finally I will leave you with this:

 photo Heygirl_zps300609ee.jpg

Happy Tuesday, Friends. 
Let's fill our hearts with love.


Young and Fabulous said...

ahhh love you love you love you...still cannot believe this is happening here! thank you so much for thinking of all of us :) i just love you so much

on a happy note, i must know what that spectacular martini is with the different colors that looks DELICIOUS

so so so much amazing stuff happening in your life i just LOVE IT! i want to hear the ghost story...i am fascinated by that sort of stuff

love you super much

Gentri said...

I don't want to wait!!

Unknown said...

Oh ryan, he just knows all the right things to say - he's the real tease here isn't he!?!


Ashley Robyn said...

I love all those photos. My favorite is a teacher one my principal sent us one Friday. Happy Wednesday eve. Excited to hear this news. :)

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