With the launch of my NEW BRAND in the near future I am updating in all sorts of ways.

1. Re-FRESH-ing the portfolio.
     - updating photos I have been meaning to post FOREVER.
     - creating a feel that is both beautiful and cohesive with my brand.
     - pulling inspiration from my most favorite things.

2. Re-FRESH-ing my 'About Me' page.
     - describing what I do, who I am and why I love it into words.
     - creating an image that shows all of the above.

3. Re-FRESH-ing my blog.
     - it's all about being cohesive, baby!
     - updates, clean-ness, bright and white!
     - Photos GALORE.

4. Re-FRESH-ing my closet.
     - No, I don't mean a whole new wardrobe. I mean shopping my closet.
     - Operation closet clean out.
     - Would you be interested in my clothing? Or should I just give it to Goodwill?
     - Is that tacky to ask?

5. Re-FRESH-ing my house.
     - Let's talk about deep cleaning, shall we?
     - Windows and screens- getting ready to have those babies open every sunny day.
     - Finally creating art for my bare white walls.
     - Either finishing or tossing half-assed DIY projects.

6. Re-FRESH-ing the budget.
     - What budget?
     -Ohh... I should probably have one of those.
     - I have officially declared April my "No-Spend" month!
     - No Shopping. No Going Out. NO SPENDING MONEY.
     - 4 days in and I am going strong!

What are your goals this month?
Do you like to write them down? Say them out loud?
Or do you keep them personal?
Wanna be secret goal setting friends?!

Has spring time decided to show it's pretty little face where ever you live? Boy oh BOY have I been happy to see that sunshine!

So many questions I want ALL the answers. Please.

Holla for the next two days off!!!


Amy Willingham said...

cant wait too see all this refreshing..
anticipation kills me.


Unknown said...

Definitely would be interested in some clothes from your closet!

Elise Page Dixon said...

....I'll take all of your clothes. :)

brooke lyn said...

good luck on no-spend april. i will be joining you in your quest! #helpmeimpoor

PorkStar said...

Well well, clearly, can't make use for your clothes on my end. But this is New York, I am sure I can find plenty of dudes who would, :P

As for your questions:

-Goals this month: Photography, travel and write on blog more often
-I write them down / personal
-Oh I'd love to.
-Spring: what spring? I just blogged about that too. Here we are having an extended version of winter with some snow to make it prettier. *eye roll

I think I am the only one who just answered ALL of your questions.

Shame, ladies. Shame.

Unknown said...

For sue would be interested in some clothes! Love the blog! New follower on Bloglovin

Allison over at Fridge Grown Garlic

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