And I'm back.

March Favorites.
I'm back.
I'm not lazy anymore.
I won't neglect you.
I apologize.
Forgive me.
Also there's a giveaway.
Watch the video, I dare you!

This is not a joke. I promise!


Cassie said...

you are too cute!!

i love spring and days at the park with my littles. yes yes and yes!

Unknown said...

Such a cute video! Spring is most definitely my favorite season. The nail colors, the weather, flowers blooming...what's not to love!?!

Kaci said...

Fun video! My favorite thing about spring is my birthday at the end of April! I also love the end of winter (finally!).

Bekah McDuffie said...

What a cute video! I would love to enter the giveaway, I think my favorite thing about spring is the slightly warmer weather means more outside activities like bands on patios and hiking!!

Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

Love your favorites video! Those are some sexy shoes! My favorite thing about spring is the warm weather! So excited to not have to wear a jacket anymore!

Lisa C said...

Love your videos, they're so fun! I think my favorite thing about Spring is that everyone seems to be in a good mood and finally being able to take my dog for walks without being all bundled up!

Jess said...

I love your videos! You are adorable and I really need to get brave enough to try that fun, bright lipstick! My favorite thing about Spring is just being able to play outside in the sun with all the fresh smells of grass and flowers!

Whim Wham Life said...

I WANT TO WINNNNN! AND go to JT's concert! ohmagawsh. You have to post a million photos when you go and give me a play-by-play:-) But, I do want to win, sooooo. My favorite spring thing is the weather! We were old people this past weekend, working out in the yard and all. So good though! xoxo

Elise Page Dixon said...

My favorite thing about spring are cherry blossoms! I love going for a spring time run as the blooms are blowing off the trees! They smell so good and the world looks like it's decorated with cotton candy.

Sarah B said...

My favorite thing about spring is the warmer weather and water to hit up the beach!! We start early with the beach going around here!!

Unknown said...

Love this video! So glad your back! My favorite thing about spring is open toe shoes!!!

notify said...

I'm so happy you finally had a new post up! I love everything about spring, but riding my bike is topping the list!

Young and Fabulous said...

Everyday I'm Hustling in the background. AH! You are my favorite lil G. We are definitely meant to be friends

your secret "a lil giveaway" hahah i am dying. AHH I miss you and have missed your bloggy

I have yet to try the BB cream. MY MOM HAS IT!!! BEFORE ME!!!!! Pshh. I need to get on the BB train

i sent a pic of the rocket mascara to a guy friend and he thought it was a dildo. MEN.

i love the way you say avocado! You say it more AH-VA-CADO. I say it more Ahhhh (like pronounced like at) hahah I'm random

titos! AUSTIN! HOLLLAA!!!! I love austin.

those say sex kitten. I CAN HEAR THEEEMM! RAWRRRR

I'm so jelly of your JT concert shenans. I wanna go so so bad! what are you going to wear!?!?!

i love your vids so so much keeeeep on making mo! And I want to win the giveaway! I hope something in there includes unlimited plane tickets to and from spokane to boston


My fav thing about spring is...golfing..colored pants...and running outside!

this is a novel-sized comment.

Unknown said...

My favorite thing about spring is warm(er) weather and wearing dresses without tights! haha :)

JennaDK said...

Love all your favorite items!!!!

My favorite thing about spring is the warmer temps that comes with it & the occasional spring shower!!!

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