What's in my purse?

Have you ever wondered: "What in the world does Sabrina carry around with her everyday?"
Well it's funny that you mention that... Today I bring to you a little video explaining the details and innards of my satchel!!
Indiana Jones wears one. 

Links to items:
Purse- Liebeskind
Wallet- Ted Baker
Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stain- Sweetheart
Phone Case (Gift from Shalyn)

If you noticed on Facebook or Twitter.... I mentioned a little something about a giveaway. What do we think? Do you even like free stuff?
this could potentially be happening this week if it seems like something you would be interested in. Let me know!

Also! Show/ tell me what's in your purse!! Send me links!
Happy Tuesday!

Look at me... being a consistent blogger.


PorkStar said...

You should probably know, there is a random male from NYC that loves your blog and thinks is super fab. However, based on those two words, love and fab, and living in NYC, does not make me a man purse carrying person, nor do I look good carrying one.

I can tell you what's on my briefcase though, but it'd probably be very boring to know all about it. Book on finance, an Ipod, manuscrips to go over, an extra battery for my phone, lip balm (cherry flavor) and always carry another lit book and small digi cam.

Calculator, train pass, building pass... blah...



So shay said...

So fun! Love it and thanks for the shout out muffin! :) I love that phone case! AND I love your hair like that too! Just a total babe.

Cassie said...


Not as cool as your vlog- but I'm new to this!

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