About being great.

What are you great at?

This is a question that has many different answers, as for everyone is good at something
Everyone has different strengths, skills and talents. 
But for some reason we have a really hard time coming forth and saying:
"I'm great at _________."

Why is it so much easier to claim our weaknesses than to affirm our strengths? 
Why do we always start with the bad, and finish with the good? 
The feeling of guilt should never accompany accomplishment and success. 
If something brings you happiness, joy, then why not celebrate it? 

I can appreciate a confident person who knows what they are great at. When asked that question, to have a true and real confidence about your strengths takes a conscious effort for me.
Yes, I know I am good at things...
I mean, I won hula hooping contest  in the 4th grade. 

But being Great?
What does it take to be great?

 photo Frill4_zps99105fa0.jpg
Dress, belt- Forever 21 (Similar)
Jacket- Hazel (similar)
Shoes- Vince Camuto (Similar)
Purse- Liebeskind
Bracelets- Alex and Ani (gifts)
Lips- Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stain- (in Sweetheart)
 photo Frill_zpse40a0ecb.jpg
 photo frill3_zps715e868d.jpg
 photo Frill2_zps06018fb0.jpg
 photo Frill6_zps2933850b.jpg
 photo Frill4_edited-1_zpse35986d5.jpg
 photo Frill4_edited-2_zps2e6f6b62.jpg
 photo Frill_17_zpsc7bffc74.jpg

To be great has not a single thing to do with how others perceive you. Greatness is a personal power we all possess. Whether we allow others to experience our greatness is a choice. I encourage you to allow that greatness to shine through.

It's okay to say: I'm great.
Because you are. I am too.

What are you great at? 
 photo Frill5_zps3dbcacb8.jpg

Want to see what's in my purse? 
I made a little video for you! Check back tomorrow to see!

Happy Monday!!


Gentri said...

This outfit is adorable!! I love every bit of it! And you are lovely. :)

Ashley said...

Okay... you are SO much cuter, but do you watch Vanderpump Rules? The girl on there reminds me of you, Katie? Have you watched?

Anyway, love your blog! have a great day girl!


Whim Wham Life said...

THIS totally speaks to me today, (well, for a lot of days). Oh man. I'm great at being me. Can't really think of another Bon Bon out there quite like it:-) haha. And I won a marble race in the 3rd grade AND won a spelling bee in the 6th grade, so....we are awesome and great! xoxo

So shay said...

You are the prettiest!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I really, really adore this dress and it looks perfect with the white socks! It's so much easier to be negative than positive, thanks for being inspiring.


So shay said...

P.s.) I won a hula hoop contest in kindergarden and all I wanna say is, "My hips don't lie." :)

Ashley said...

I'm loving those shoes! These pics are adorable. And I totally agree with Ashley up there-- you look so much like Katie from Vanderpump Rules! Love it.

Crazenne said...

The message is simple yet the way you wrote it is so brilliant and inspiring. Two thumbs up!!!

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