Let's get ready.

Today I got out of bed and I said, "Sabrina, let's make a video."
Here's what happened:
I gathered my day-to-day face paints and my camera then got to work. 

What the video turned out to be was revealing my far-from-perfect skin, my tricks to faking it, all the while masking my zombie look alike tendencies. My makeup skills are MEAN. 

If you like my Facebook page, you will have noticed that iMovie and I have formed a new bond. 
ummm... Advanced Settings?? Hellloooo... where have I been? In amateur land, that's where. Just wait for my green screen effects. You're not going to know what hit you. 

So here, on this Friday of Fridays (whatever that means) I present to you a vlog featuring yours truly (that's me). 

I put about 17 things on my face. It's fun and strategic and magical and set to some awesome music. So if nothing else, play this video while you are Pinteresting. I dare you. 

Chain Bracelet c/o INpink. 
I have an amazing promo code for you on Monday!! 
Just in time for some V-day jewels!

What did you think of this video?
Should I do more?
What kind of videos would you like to see?

Happy Friday, cookies. 


Brooke said...

You are the cutest thing!

Megan said...

I love this video! Thanks for sharing, and of course you can make more!

Lisa C said...

Yes, definitely make more!

Unknown said...

First of all, you are adorable and look fantastic. But I have a question.... is that your daily routine? Because if it is, holy cow am I lazy. No wonder I look so old!

T&S said...

You are gorgeous! I love the video!

XO Lourdes

Lindsay said...

This is so fun! Does it really only take you 5 minutes to put on your makeup?

Brittanie said...

This was amazing and definitely gave me some new makeup ideas! Please keep them coming! You're too cute.

sburton1130 said...

Seriously so cute. Loved this!

Samantha said...

Love this! Please do more! I literally just bought about 6 of those 17 products that you used after watching this video. Thanks... thanks for making me broke! :) Do more!!


Bonnie said...

lalalalalalove it! I'm a youtube makeup guru product junkie video watching fiend, and you're my new fave:-) P.S. I love the Benefit High Beam dots, makes you look like a hot Alien! haha!

love you S! xoxo

Chelsea Alise said...

What brushes do you use?!

Chelsea Alise said...

ALSO - what color is the smashbox blush?!

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