February Haul

Hey, guess what?!

I have another video for you!

I have really been into this vlogging thing lately.

Here is a video on my adventures in vintage shopping and a trip to Ulta!

(You'll have to forgive me for the TERRIBLE lighting. I didn't realize until I was halfway through...)

Tomorrow I will be showing you my new tattoo and explaining a few things!


Casey said...

Love this video!! Love all your new finds!!

Ashley said...

i want to go shopping with you!! i officially need that peplum top - even though i'm not short wasted!

PS - Adore that you are playing T Swift in the background :)

PPS - Has anyone ever told you that you sound JUST like shenae grimes?!

MacKensie said...

I'm a big fan of your dancing in public with an iPod video.. ;) But they're all adorable.



Young and Fabulous said...

i always mean to say I love how you start videos with HI FRIENDS!! hahah you are so cute

I'm obsessed with your videos. Forrrrr real. Youtube Haul videos are some of my favorites to watch, and even better when they're of people I know and looove like my sabby boo! :-)

i love that tiff blue coffee tin. I want to go to your house so I can be like *yea, her kitchen aid IS that color :-)"

gangstaaas totally wear 2 chains...AND so does the rapper 2chainz....hahaha speaking of chains. Rick Ross has a chain necklace encrusted in diamonds with a pic of HIS FACE! Please do that?

love the bookshelf so much it looks so cute!

oh i have to say i went out an bought bad to the bronze after you talked about it lol however i have no idea how to apply it correctly!!! hahah

love you boo

So shay said...

Proud of you. :) Love the video, ALL the finds AND this makes me miss you SO much!

T&S said...

I have been subscribed on youtube and I have to say... I LOVE your videos. I definitely need to check out that Glenda pallet.

XO Lourdes

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