For some reason I have been using the expression "It's everything" constantly in my everyday speech.
How is your lunch tasting? "Oh, it's everything." 
Don't you love that dress? "It is EVERYTHING."
What the hell does that even mean?

I don't know. Rachel Zoe has taken over my speaking patterns. I. DIE.

As for the rest of me, I am still mostly myself... after this past weekend in Seattle I was forced to take at least 2 days off from blogging because I could quite possibly lose all of my followers. Ya'll... We went to a bar called the Unicorn. 'Nuff said. 

It was really a fabulous weekend. I spent quality time with my girlfriends, ate delicious food and drank way too much. (Which may have resulted in me getting carried around like a sack of potatoes... but my memory does not register any of that) Currently I am in detox mode. Working my body with some yoga and yeah, I bought a juicer! Hello, bandwagon! I'm always on board for a good trend/ lifestyle adjustment!

SO that's what's new with me. Rachel Zoe, Seattle, Juicing oh... and this skirt. This skirt is new and 

 photo EV_1_zpsa4e9ac10.jpg
Shoes- Sam Edelman (Similar ON SALE!) 
Skirt (similar) and Shirt- Forever 21
Necklace and rings- Forever 21
Nails- Can't find my Czechbook OPI
 photo EV_18_zpsd3616381.jpg
 photo EV_16_zpsab7abd58.jpg
 photo EV_12_zpsa7cd45b9.jpg
 photo EV_4_zps039f77fa.jpg
 photo EV_3_zpsdfd157e9.jpg
 photo EV_5_zps1bfd7d8d.jpg
 photo EV_8_zps399d9801.jpg
 photo EV_9_zps0de9dabd.jpg
 photo EV_11_zpse3b99e49.jpg
 photo EV_14_zps888c7dde.jpg
 photo EV_17_zpsc4eb3d7e.jpg
 photo EV_2_zps7ffbbdbe.jpg
 photo EV_7_zpscf330d00.jpg


Kelsey Lenay said...

Why are you so awesome? Love the skirt!
XO, Kelsey

Jenna said...

Beautiful skirt! And I love that polish color!

Jessica Gitler said...

love the outfit ...and those shoes are "everything"!! but are they comfy ... they sure do look amazing!!

brooke lyn said...

that skirt is so everything.

Unknown said...

Just found your blog through Raven's. lovin your pictures ;) your a beautiful girl (in a noncreepy sounding way, I swear!)
Lol. Anyway...
Have a great day!

Whim Wham Life said...

I went through a "Major" "Ba-na-nas" "I Die" Rachel Zoe phase too, heck, I'm still in it! She is out of control, in the best possible way! And so are you! muwah! xoxo

So shay said...

You are the cutest. STOP IT! :) That skirt is adorable! I want ittttt! :) You are MY everything! :)

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