A note on forgiveness

I tend to gravitate towards people that can help me learn. People that are deep themselves and can help me grow all the same.
I can tell you one thing in my life that will always be a constant: I make mistakes.
Sometimes I 'fess up and apologize, sometimes I act like an idiot and don't.

My friends and family have taught me a few things one: humility. Admitting faults is not a weakness, I have come to learn. This is one of the best ways I have become a more honest person and friend.

Another important lesson I have learned in the past few years: forgiveness. I have learned this by being forgiven by one of my best friends. You never intend to hurt the ones you love and that is true in my case, as well. A long chat in a quite coffee shop really changed our friendship. I am so thankful for that conversation to this day because without that, I would be missing a big piece of my heart.




Happy Birthday to my dearest Laura! 


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