Sometimes I look back at all of my outfit posts and I think "wow people must think I spend a LOT of time getting ready." Because let's be honest, most of my days consist of jeans and a tee shirt. Or sweats and a tee shirt. Or not getting out of bed until 3... But you don't see pictures of that.
This is what I would consider a 'normal outfit" for me. If I wake up late for lunch or just don't feel like thinking about clothes.
Jeans and tee.

I know what you're thinking... "Sabrina! You don't roll out of bed looking like a rockstar?" The answer to your question is Yes. Yes I look like a rock star when I wake up.... like Steven Tyler... Like a sexy lady-man.

And to clear up the rest of your questions, Yes, I put shoes on before I go outside and Yes, that is burnt orange carpet in my room.



Young and Fabulous said...

look at that booty ow ow!!!

i think you always look fabulous no matter WHAT you are wearing!you pull off jeans an T faaaaaantastically :-)

you need to dress me!! not literally...but you know! haha


Whim Wham Life said...

You could wear a paper bag and still be miss hottie patottie! xoxo

Unknown said...

Hi Sabrina!

Fellow Washingtonian here! What brand of jeans are those?

Love your blog!

Ashley said...

i WISH i rolled out of bed like that! stunna! you should have seen me today at the gym....i'm the color of edward cullen right now and i had an abnormal amount of underboob sweat after my run...naturally this is when i would run into the first hot guy i've ever seen there!

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