Hey, It's Okay

Today I'm taking a page right out of a page of Glamour
That's right. A page from a page.
So yesterday. Yesterday was weird. I'm talking...

Let's just get into the sarcastic humor of the post, yeah?

Hey, It's okay
To get the most compliments on your hair when it is the dirtiest.

Hey, It's okay
To feel like a bad ass for the sole reason you are wearing red lipstick. And a skull shirt. 
Definitely, the skull shirt. 

Hey, It's okay
To watch an ex's wedding video... and then forward it to all of your friends. 
Yeah. It's OKAY.

Hey, It's okay
To have bad days, ugly days, fat days...just as long it's not the same week. 

Hey, It's okay
To play a new favorite song until you know all the words. It's also okay if your friends don't want to ride with you any more. 

Hey, It's okay
To want greyish/purple hair because DAMN GIRL, Kelly Osbourn looks good. 

Hey, It's okay
The biggest search term on my blog is "Troopa Boots"
But my words are SO profound....

Hey, It's okay
To abbreviate everything even though you know you sound ridic. 
Totes ridic. 

Hey, It's okay
To love anything emerald because it is the color of the year. Yes, I bought into the "Oxblood" trend. 







Scarf- Nordstrom
Jacket- Forever 21
Pants- See Through Soul
Headband (similar)- Forever 21
Top- Nordstrom
Troopa Boots- Steve Madden

What is OKAY in your world today? 


Pamela said...

You are sooo pretty!!

choose to be happy blog said...

UM. you are beautiful. like beautiful! and i know thats not me answering your whats okay in your world today question. but sorry. i got distracted xooxox

Kelsey Lenay said...

Hey, it's okay that I want to steal your whole outfit, and your hair is gorgeous, so that too. So yeah. It's okay :)

XO, Kelsey

Erin said...

You are GORG girlfriend

Unknown said...

hey it's okay . . . . to LOVE this post!
it's fantastic. like fo real!!!!
you look amazing as well!!!

xo. c & v
cake & valley

Candace said...

Could you be any prettier?

And I agree with all of these AND I also feel badass in red lipstick and my skull sweater.

Candace said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jessica Gitler said...

your hair looks so great like that and I am in love with that scarf!!

Christine Rosko said...

I loved this outfit. The scarf was definitely my favorite part.

Gentri said...

I love this. You look stunning and these photos are beautiful! I love that all of those things are ok, because I do a lot of them.

Jessica Nicole said...

Love that outfit! I wish I had the nerve to pull it off.. although I have had my eyes on some toopa boots for a while now! Also- that page in Glamour was always my favorite!

Anonymous said...

You should make this a link up! Such a fun post. If this is already a link up, my apologies for being a bit slow. : )

I must profess, YOU ARE GORGEOUS! Great pics sister friend!

Whim Wham Life said...

I have secretly been desiring some white-purple-grey hair this year too. Totally drinking the kool-aid:-) xoxo

Don Sergio said...

Your blog is girlier than the last time i visited. However, and even if i'm a dude, it all looks very nice and I'm catching up on the rest of your blog and your photography... oh and still waiting to hear more singing on your channel. :)

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