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Do you have Google Analytics? If so, they provide you with some pretty interesting stats about your blog.

And by interesting I mean HILARIOUS.

I am currently in the process of branding my photography company, so I need to provide some stats about my blog. Page views, new visitors... ect. If you ever consider getting sponsors or working with companies you should get a good idea of these specifics!

I have seen many people do posts similar to this. So for me, this has been a long time coming, but really I was just waiting for the search terms to get GOOD.

And they are GOOD.

at best.

So here I am, sitting in Starbucks. Laughing my little head off reading all of the crazy search terms that led you to my blog.

Why am I at Starbucks and not snuggled in front of the space heater in my house, well for one, I'm out of coffee. Two, I'm fighting with my internet company. They are real jerks, ya know?

Just trying to take all my hard earned money and it's just not right.
So I cancelled.

It's really inconvenient, and I do not suggest you do it.
Can we blame my lack of internet for the lack of posts recently? Okay great. Thanks for understanding.

Here we go. Top ten HILARIOUS search terms for Sabrina Says Blog:

10. Blogger Slut.  Yikes. Well, I'm not exactly sure what I wrote that would lead people to my blog based on that term. Ohhh well.
9. Drunk Santa Girl     Maybe it was THIS video? I was sober, for the record.
8. If you smell what the rock is cooking    I wasn't aware he was still relevant. I'll take it.
7. Alcohol Party     I guess that really describes every party I host/ attended.
6. Barefoot football girl    I have no idea.
5. Just the tip      Need I say more? Read this.
4. Celebrities with moles      No, I'm not a celeb. But I do have a mole on my face. Thanks, buddy.
3. Ovary humor       Ovaries are hilarious. I don't care what they say.
2. Sabrina is such a babe I love her so much   I'm not lying. Proof:
I don't lie.

(1.5) Sexy Winker, Slut Hockey Moms, My wild Love Blog, Moonshine Bikini, One Direction Comforter.... Just a few of the runners up.
Normally, I wouldn't write about things like that, but I felt like it was SO outrageous and you might get a little laugh out of it.


#1 weirdest hilarious search term:

1. Pretty girl far away            Shoot. You know what they say, "Cute from far, far from cute."

It's Christmas Eve, my loves.

Today is that  wondrous day before that day we give extravagant gifts. I've given all of mine away.
Christmas is over for me.
Is it weird that I am a little bitter? Not it the Grinch sort of way... just in the lack-of-any-sort-of-christmas-spririt kind of way.

I hope I'm not the only one.

Merry Christmas my pretties.

If you have hilarious search terms you should share them with me!!

Ps... here is a preview of what is to come tomorrow! OOTD post SAY WHHAAAAA.


Bracelets- Alex and Ani (Here, similar)


Gentri said...

hahhaa! Those are too funny! I have no idea why people Google what they do, but it does give us a great laugh. :)

I'm sorry that you are feeling a bit bitter about Christmas. :( If you feel like hopping in the car and driving for 12 hours, come see me! you can spend Christmas with us. :)

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