Right on Target

It is very hard for me to walk into a Target and walk out empty handed (or without spending $100, for that matter)

But do you realize just how much $100 can get you? This latest trip I walked out with 2 tops, socks, a notebook, some cooking supplies, candy, pretty pencils and a canvas to hang in my office.

Definition of score.


Leggings and Tunic- Target, Boots- Nordstrom, Headband- F21




We finally have SNOW. This was the day before my beautiful city was generously dusted with the most sparkly/fluffy snow you have every seen.

Have you been hit by winter yet?
For some reason I can't get into the Spirit without a little bit of snow.

How about you?


Whim Wham Life said...

You look like a snow angel!!! Send some of that white stuff down to me...

(white stuff as in snow, not crack...just to clarify:-) muwah!


Jessica J-Marie said...

I really don't think anyone could walk out of Target without buying something. Awesome outfit. I love the tunic & headband :)

Michelle said...

Cute and I agree, it's impossible to go to Target without buying stuff!

Dear Boys Love Mom said...

that headband is amazing! I am totally into the headbands.... Im pretty sure you inspired me and my husband always calls me a hippy mama. lol. He's rude! ;-)

Maca said...

Love your outfit. that tunic is so cute!
funny you talk about snow, it came down for over 24 hours straight yesterday-the day before here in MN and we got over 12 inches. so yeah, winter is definitely here! :)

Young and Fabulous said...


i always leave with nail polish or makeup or a shirt or funky pair of socks or something

im in love with these pics you are GORGEOUS!

that headband looks perfecto on you and i STILL wish i could pull that look off


Bre said...

Love the look and I love target! But I've been pretty good lately on not buying too much when I go there.

Gentri said...

So cute! I guess I need to head to Target!! And we just got snow yesterday and Sunday. Best thing ever!

meghan said...

Very pretty! I love the headband. Your pictures are so lovely.

Ashley said...

I am so going to target to copy your look ....and then i am flying to washington so you can teach me how to wear fun boho headbands ;)

Kasey Lynne said...

JUT bought that tunic yesterday! I can't wait until it's dropped on my doorstep by the nice UPS man!

It looks great on you!

Raquel said...

I have that same dress shirt! Except mines burgundy :)

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