In Three Weeks Time

It's been damn near three weeks since I've been on here. And I'll be honest. I'm not too happy with myself.

But Hey... I've been doing some pretty amazing things in the mean time. Is that even the right way to spell "Mean Time." It sort of suggests I was up to some no-good-scheming or revealing a deep dark secret of some sort.
I promise it was "Nice Time" for the most part, anyway.

Let's Recap (for the sake of me losing any more followers):

I have been putting my little investment to good use. What do you think?









Shasta and her DARLING family

I have been celebrating friends birthdays
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painting my nails
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being gangster
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 eating great food
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being silly with helium
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 dreaming planning doing
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hot buttered rum-ing
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and just pretty much ignoring the crap out of my blog.

Okay... Let's say that we are all caught up on my life.

Now it's time for me to get caught up on yours! If you leave me a comment copy your URL into the comment as well so I have easy access to your blog! I wanna read!

This week is going to be a crazy catch-up week so get ready... it's gonna be a party. 


ashleigh said...

what is that book that you were "planning" with!? it looks amazing.. and i want it =] and you know damn well that you are an amazing photographer and your investment will take you far

Amy said...

All of your pictures look AWESOME! I'd say that's definitely a valid excuse for an absense :) Glad you're back!!

Feel free to stop by anytime! www.sweethomesb.blogspot.com

Bre said...

Busy bee over there! Your photos are gorgeous and I loved the instagramming you did of Shasta's session yesterday!


Kelsey Lenay said...

I think your investment has already paid off! Such great pictures : ) Love the nail picture too, so cute! Check my blog out anytime girly!


Maca said...

I agree with the other comments, your investment was well worth it! amazing pictures Sabrina!
And it is totally understandable that life gets busy and the blogs get ignored a little bit. better to live than to write about living I guess?

ps. I think meantime is spelled all together?


if you stop by, must warn you, picture quality isn't great! :) hope you still enjoy it though.

Katie said...

Glad you're back! I missed keeping up with you but see you've been busy doing lots of amazing things that I wish I was doing right now...specifically, eating mouth watering looking waffles covered in bananas and whipped cream. YUM. And taking phenomenal pics...truly gorgeous! It's okay to take a bloggy breather every now and then...just come back :)


Ashley said...

Sabs you are seriously so talented!!! and is that a gold jacket? Balllaaaaaa!!!!

miss you friend! :)

Crazenne said...

Ahhh I have that same shade of pink nail polish too! Did you use some tool to paint the white dots? They are so perfectly round and of the same size!

So good to see updates from you after this 3-week hiatus :) I was expecting a Halloween post from you! I just wrote a longass one :D


Jenna said...

You take such gorgeous pictures! I love looking at your photography!

I think there may be something in the air, it seems a lot of bloggers (myself included) have been slackerish on their blogs.

You're always welcome to stop by and visit!


Jenn said...

I love this post! Everyone needs a break now and then, we understand :) your pictures and photography are both lovely! And your nails are awesome. Hope you'll check out my blog :) xo


Jennifer said...

Those are some great photos!!!

Corinne said...

Those are some beauuutiful photos! Looks like you've been busy enjoying and living life - so no complaints over here!


julia rose. said...

I'd say time well spent, my friend!! And seriously- your pictures?? TO DIE FOR! You are so good!!
Also- glad you're back in blog land :)


Unknown said...

Yay you're back :)


Whim Wham Life said...

what?! you've been gone 3 weeks? hardly noticed...I have other outlets to stalk your daily life:-) muwahaha. love you S! xoxo

teacups + B cups said...

could caitlin be any more gorgeous? anyway, I feel like I should know you... I recognize a lot of your friends. Love your blog!

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