Hard Way Home

You know those songs that just get right into the cracks of your heart? On a recent trip to Seattle, I did a little reflecting. You know... life, love... that kind of thing. 

What I came up with is this:

I always seem to take the hard way. The untraveled path, if you will. 
I like taking risks and sometimes they really pay off. 
Sometimes not so much. 

But this little blog has definitely paid off. 
My new camera has paid off. 
Love? Well... I'm still taking risks. 
So I'll keep you posted on that one. 

For now, Listen to THIS song and think of me. Please.
Have the best weekend possible. I mean it!

Hard Way Home- Brandi Carlile
I sometimes lose my faith in luck
I don't know what I want to be when I grow up


I just count the rain
Wearing the floor through the boards again
I wish I could find a soul to steal
I could be the engine, you could be the wheel
When we're driving home, I never have to worry about being alone


Oooh, follow my tracks
See all the times I should have turned back
Oooh, I wept alone
I know what it means to be on my own
Oooh, the things I have known

Looks like I'm taking the hard way home
Oooh, the seeds I've sown
Taking the hard way home



Raven said...

I miss you and love you to infinity and back.

julia rose. said...

My goodness I just love this!! I can completely relate to taking risks on love... not knowing where I'm going or what I'm doing... all of the above. We're the lucky ones with SO much to look forward to and so many opportunities coming our way! :) Sending sweet thoughts and prayers to you!

Bon Bon said...

all that hard stuff makes you YOU. and you are pretty darn fabulous. P.S. Can I raid your closet?! xoxo

Aubrey Kinch said...

You're just too perfect.

Amy said...

I feel ya girl. This really resonates with me too. You look gorgeous in all of those photos!!

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