Alley Cat

Moto Jacket and Dress- Forever 21
Braceletes- Alex and Ani 
Tights- Hue
Shoes- Vince Camuto

How would you define your style? 
Do you know it well enough to to actually put a name on it?
I play around from time to time with trends, but for the most part I would say my style is...
Feminine with an edge. 

It's funny. As each year passes, I keep trying to to re-define myself. Re-define my life. Re-define my living space. And year ofter year... I just make a mess of it. 
So this year, I turn a new page. (Let's see how many clichés I can use)
I stop re-defining. I stop trying to make myself new.
Although, I may not be (THAT) old, I'm pretty okay with who I've become. 

With all of the NEW projects I am working on, I don't have time to create someone new out of me. 
It just seems a little silly, doesn't it?
So let's do this together. 
Want to?

Let's make a pact to be happy.
To experience whatever it is you truly dream of. 
Whether that's love, business, fitness...
Challenge, try, push yourself. 

There's that quote that I always see on Pinterest...
"If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough."

I have been dreaming for quite some time now, but this year, I am acting. 
I'm taking big leaps and creating a, dare I say, career. 
ohhh the dreaded "C" word.

You know what I've realized? This whole time going to school and trying to find myself I've been terrified of growing up. Of getting into a career that I hate and I find myself miserable and fat in 5 years. 
You know? Do you ever feel that way?
So, I've been fighting that path.
But my fight has led me to a place that brings me pure joy. 

And really? What else could one ask for? 








Gentri said...

I just love you. I love this outfit and I love this post. I am pretty much the same way. I love that you are just going to be happy. I need that! I don't want to grow up, so this year was really hard! But I just need to take that step.

Jenna said...

I love this post! I definitely needed to read this today!

P.S. I love those tights!

T&S said...

I'm down to join you! I have been in a rut lately! It's bad. I stumbled upon this post at the right time!

XO Lourdes

Brooklyn said...

Love you, Brina! Thank you for always inspiring me<3

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