Fridays are for Friends



And for being Freakin silly.
As all get out.

Funny Story...

Katie and I (pictured above) had our polka dot brunch, as planned... and guess what?

We ran into one of my ex boyfriends. And his WHOLE FAMILY.

I could only imagine they thought I was on a brunch date... in matching sweaters.

I totally like dudes.

Happy Friday!
I will post the hair tutorial next week for Katie's hair! 


Krista Luna said...

Your outfit combo is super cute!! I love everything about it! Love that story too! haha! Isn't it funny how that ALWAYS seems to happen ;)

Msz Jelenaaa said...

loll thats the worst when you see your ex around and about... i love those leopard shoes :)


Brooke said...

Adorable! Cute hairdo!



julia rose. said...

Oh my goodness... Hilarious!!! The polka dots, pretty girls, fab hair, and great scenery are just too much!!

Young and Fabulous said...

haha you guys are ADORABLE! i love the matchy sweaters. Now I realllllly want one

i am dying to see this hair tutorial!!!!!

ok you guys are cute. And i must hear about the ex bf run-in. OY VAY


Elise Page Dixon said...

I can't wait for the hair tutorial. I want to do this hair so bad!

A said...

you guys look awesome!!
loving your friends hair, looks very retro-esque! x

Ashley said...

are you martha stewart's secret offspring? seriously you do hair too? is there anything you dont' do? glad you had so much fun on your girlfriend "date" ;)

Whim Wham Life said...

hahahaha! polka dot loverrrrs! Hey, if it involves brunch, I want to join the club! bah! xoxo

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