You May Not Know

You May Not Know

I am Five Feet & Three Inches tall.
(any amount of weight gain or loss and I walk the line between gross and oompa-loompa)

I have always been very critical of my body, no I've never had flat abs or super toned arms.
But my legs? Yeah, I like em. 

If I could eat a bag of spinach every day, I would...
but sugar, OH SUGAR. Why do you tempt me so?!

When I tell people I played soccer, I usually leave out the fact I was a goalie. 
So they can think I was actually in really good shape at one point. 

You May Not Know

It has been four years since I told a guy that I loved them.
Technically I have been single for four years. 
And technically, I think that's bullshit.

I'm ready and so open for love... so hurry up. Please. 

Dress: Kiki La'rue- Lola in Lace, Boots- Frye Campus
You May Not Know

I am not going into teaching anymore. 
I dropped the education certification last semester. 
So now? I'll have my bachelors in Sociology. 
Michelle Obama and I are twins in that respect. 

Am I sad? No. I will be done with school and that makes me happy. 
Like Christopher Columbus on a speed boat :)

You May Not Know

I have a really hard time talking about feelings. 
I have grown to be really strong (read: guarded), due to a few heartbreaks...
So when it comes to serious stuff, I shut down. 
I either get really quiet or really mean. The kind of mean you don't want to be around. 

You May Not Know

I have never been to Vegas. 
I'm 25 and I have never been to Vegas. 
What is wrong with me? 

You May Not Know

As much as I seem outgoing and confident, if I am out of my comfort zone, I take a step back. 
I am an observer. I don't like to be the loudest in the bunch, but yes... I do like attention. 

I pride myself on having the greatest group of friends, near and far. 
They are the people I look to for comfort, entertainment, a vent sesh or just to hear a friendly voice. 
I know at anytime I can go to my friends (In any city) and have a place to stay or a shoulder to cry on. Even if it's the phone on my shoulder... they are there 100%.

You May Not Know

I have a bad case of Wanderlust. 
I have been saving and saving, and when I finish school... I will find a new adventure. 
I just need a change of pace, a creative space and a fresh start. 
I have a few places in mind. 


You May Not Know

There are a few people that I will NEVER write about. 
Off limits. 
Either it's too personal, too complicated or too boring. 
I know there are some people who check my blog every once in a while to see if I will ever write about Ben or Mike in my Ghost of Boyfriends Past series, but I can promise you that will never happen. 
That's all I will say about that. 

I'm not like Taylor Swift. Not in all cases will you end up on my blog. 
But I did write a song about them.

Did any of these things surprise you? 
Or do you know everything about me? :)

So what don't I know about you?


Megan said...

This was a fun read, getting to know a few interesting facts about you!

Holly said...

Loved learning about you! I went to Vegas before the age of 21, but not after. Is that sad? And I totally feel you on the weight fluctuation. I'm 5'4"! And I think you need to do what you need to do when it comes to school...and life, of course. I am completely switching gears from my job in communications and marketing to my counseling grad program. Bring it on! Thanks for sharing, doll face!

ashleigh said...

loved this; i love learning more about people; especially.. things like this.
and can i tell you how many times i have switched my major. hence why i am STILL IN SCHOOL!

um. you need to get your butt to vegas; so we can do some awesome shit.. and i can help you pop that vegas cherrryyy. cool? cool.

im jealous of your wanderlust;
i wish i had the balls to just spend my money and travel.. but i keep wanting to "save"

julia rose. said...

Oh this is just FABULOUS!! I, myself, have been "technically" single for 6 years (holy hell that's scary). Boyfriends? Yes. Love? Nope. Like you I'm ready though!
And good luck with your new, fresh start! I'm in Social Work (in some ways similar to Sociology) so I am definitely routing for you to find something you LOVE!!

Amy said...

I feel ya girl, I am soo ready for love. Routing for both of us :) And excited to follow along on your next adventure!

Amanda said...

You are not alone my friend! I'm pretty sure we're the same person lol. Well, I'm the more pathetic version (24 years old and NEVER had a boyfriend), but essentially the same. Great post. Loved learning more about you. Now it makes sense why I love your blog so much!

Amanda @ Pretty Little Things

Unknown said...

this is lovely. i love how open and honest you are girl. and that dress, wow its just stunning on you! xo

Raquel said...

I loved this post! I actually haven't been to Vegas either! Sad sad sad

Chelsea said...

25 as well and I had never been to Vegas until this year and now I've been 3 times! I love that you have things you love about your body too! I think it's perfectly fine for a girl to be critical of parts of her body as long as she knows she has many other beautiful parts :)

Mariel Torres said...

love love love this post!
"any amount of weight gain or loss and I walk the line between gross and oompa-loompa" i feel ya... 5'3" over here too hehe

Anonymous said...

This is a great post. I love that we are getting to know you better. I don't understand how a guy would let this awesome-beautiful-smart-funny lady single for 4 years! That's insane!! I wish you'll meet somebody that deserves you in no time :)

Izzy @ izzy.blog said...

I wish I had been a goalie in soccer. However, I was so afraid of getting hit and hurt so drastically and whatnot. I played defense, and I definitely wasn't a fan whatsoever!

I wish I could like my legs, to be honest.

Thanks for sharing these. :) We kind of do have some things in common. :]

Whim Wham Life said...

good to know, good to know:-) ummm, I've never been to Vegas either! This is something that needs to be remedied soon, (just for the sake of eating in this amazing buffet that I saw on food network!) and new adventure...like...in portland, right? hehe. xoxo

undomestic mama said...

Last time I went to Vegas I was 14 and we just passed through. I'm almost 30 and should really go, but I don't want to leave my kids at home. And, let's face it, Vegas is probably more fun without kids :) Loved getting to know more about you.

Punky J said...

Take a post grad adventure to NYC! Do it. Do it. And 25/no Vegas? Yeah, this is a problem.

Kristal said...

Love hearing the little things! There is always more to people that you think. I love that you are open to love, that is the best most attractive quality. Oh and I really love that orange on you. That dress is so pretty. Gorgeous girl.

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