Morning Glory

Becoming a morning person is not an easy task.
It takes an actually willingness to tuck yourself in at a decent hour. This is something I have always fought.

As I approach the ripe ol' age of 25, I begin the notice what a toll sleep, the lack of, takes on my body.

So. I've been working on it.

I've been going to bed early.
No more late night showings of Project Runway or Real Housewives of whatever.
The ladies can wait.

I've set a timer on my coffee pot.
If you can't wake up smiling to the smell of coffee brewing... you're straight up crazy.

I've embraced messy hair and little-to-no make up.
Let's be honest... I'm not trying to impress any of the 19 year olds that are in my classes.
Also, I like messy hair.

I've been working out early. 
This is a life changer. A little shot of adrenaline in the AM sets my whole day right. It just feels good.

I choose to be happy.
(How do you not think of this girl when you read that)

Shirt- Bellatrix (Similar) Nordstrom
Jeans/belt/tank- F21
Watch- Fossil (Similar)
Jacket- L.A.M.B. (Similar)


There are plenty of things in this life that make me happy, but sometimes it's a struggle to really recognize those beautiful things. So I've been making lists. Writing down my loves, fears, challenges, blessings.
Reading. and Re-Reading. There is something to be said about a mantra. Visualizing and then doing. I love it.
I just love it.

Well what do you think? Do mornings come easy to you? Are you inherently a night owl like me?

Or am I the only one that has a hard time getting my butt outta bed in the am?
Please tell me I'm not crazy. Please.

***Bonus: Waking up early means you get greeted by the roaming neighborhood cats. SCORE.



Calamity Lace said...

I loooove, love, love getting up early. It's a great start to the day and doesn't feel wasted. When it gets dark out I'm ready to crash out, it's horrible.

Your jacket is so cute!

Jane {In The Pink & Green} said...

First of all, that outfit is adorable--I love it! :)

Second, I am a TOTAL nightowl and tend to stay up way too late doing silly things like watching Friends reruns instead of getting the rest I know my body needs. One of my goals for this fall is to really work on going to bed earlier, so glad to know I'm not the only one that is making a concious effort to improve in this area.

Have a great weekend girl! xo

Megan said...

i am not a functioning human being any time before 11 really. I HATE morning. i need to get out of the habit of sleeping in though. for reals. its bad. and gurlfriend you look FLY

Jennifer M. said...

Are you sure you're a morning person if you have to work that hard to go to bed early? I've struggled my whole life to wake up to go to work/school on time, but that's because I'm a night person. Staying up late feels natural to me because of that too. It seems like a morning person would find going to bed early a little easier?

Unknown said...

waking up early is really hard for me. i go to bed at like 9:30-10:30 depending on the day, but wake up SO exhausted at 7:30 am. i already feel old, so i know going to bed earlier than i am isn't an option haha. maybe the coffee thing would help me.

Chelsea said...

I just adore that jacket!!!! I am a total night owl. I thought I was getting better at it but I just can't stop! There is too much to do in one day!

Sure makes that 6:15 alarm sound too quickly. I mean, I went to bed at 2. Oops. But a timer on the coffee pot? Brilliant.

choose to be happy blog said...

And I was wondering where a couple of new bloggy followers came from. haha! you are the cutest! I mean. I think you are right up there with puppy dogs and summer time and whatever is the opposite of baseball. And also, you make me want to live life more like you. xoxo happy weekend.. SLEEP LATE! if you can... Coffee still taste good at noon ;)

meghan said...

This is a cute outfit! And these are all great tips on getting up early. I really really need to try the working out early thing. I'm sure that it would make a world of difference for me, but I have so much trouble going to be early. My husband is a night person, so he likes to leave the tv on. Tricky Tricky.

Lauren said...

Love your outfits! :) You're so cute!


Rissy said...

gimme those boots. seriously. right now : )

I used to be a TOTAL morning person... like no way, no how could I sleep past 9. Then, I became a college student and the waitress. Those are the game changers Sabs lol

I feel like as soon as I'm in the shower Im pretty much awake, but right before that I think of any and all reasons I could a. call off work b. just not show up and c. sleep as long as possible

Love the Bellatrix top duh ; )

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