This past week has been jam packed with so many activities.

Mostly building bunk beds.

Although, I wish I had bunk beds. I would have sleep overs every night.

In all seriousness, some amazing opportunities have been sent my way! 

First off... let me just say:

When I first started my blog, I really had no idea where I wanted it to go, if anywhere. 
Now, I have a clearer view of what I want, what I dream and what I inspire to be, as a blog. 
.....if that makes any sense. 

My direction is more clear. 
You could say I have One Direction. 


That's up, Duh.
(I didn't get the memo about the spray tan. SHOOT.)

Okay, Let's get to the good stuff!
I made a video!
Just like I said I would.
Que: Pat on back.

uh huh, I did it.

Check out B-glowing.Com for the products I listed!
I will be doing a follow up post on each of the product as I test them out!
I can't wait to share all of my goodies with you!

Ohh... ignore the awkwardness in this video.
I am sober. I can promise you that.


Erin said...

Why are you so cute?! Like forreal! I'm totally buying any product you recommend in hopes of looking half as good as you do ;) Loved your vlog!

AllyValdez said...

I just got a clarisonic for my birthday. I've been using it for almost 2 weeks and my face is so clear and bright! Try to only use it at night for the first week and see how your skin adapt to it! I need to know how that face wash works!


Samantha said...

that was hysterical! i can't wait for the update on the clarisonic, i have heard wonderful things...and I am in love with the 5 finger nail polish pre-set ombre option. makes life so much easier :)

Rissy said...

hahahahaha please make that pic your facebook pic.... or at least your cover photo. Actually teach me how to use photoshop so I can make it mine : )

You're the cutest ever. And I'm drooling over all the free goodies.

Raquel said...

You are the cutest!!

I really want to try out the clarasonic mia! I haven't heard a single bad thing about it

ashleigh said...

you are not awkward what so ever;
you are just super cute

Young and Fabulous said...

that picture...IM DYING!! hahaha you are so cute

i cant watch this video at work BAH!! will have to watch asap but i am sure its all addoooorrrbs of course

almost 1 month away!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

The thing about weirdos is that they're usually the best people ever! You're too cute. And congrats on figuring out what direction you want your blog to go, yay! :) good luck girl!

Young and Fabulous said...

JUST WATCHED. omg you are so cute. Sea salt exfoliates I MUST AGREE hahah for lips. Ive gotten it in my mouth before..eeeep. tastes like OCEAN!!!!

im excited to see how you like this SWWAGGG

speaking of swag. we must talk. WHERE IS THAT BEDDING FROM??? pretty sure in 1 month you will see the exact same bedding here LOL is it from west elm?? if so i think kurty and i have the exact same comforter set!!!!!! ours is grey and white thick stripes too haha!

oh and while you're at it, please teach me to wear those headband thingies like you do and look just as adorable. i just CANT!

xoxox love you boo boo!

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