Where I've been

The only way I can describe it is:

Weddings, family shoots, senior pictures, photos for my blog, working, trying to spend time with friends, and squeezing in some quite time in between. 
This week definitely got the best of me. 

But, I finally got a good nights sleep (almost 10 hrs.... WOW)
and I'm looking forward to a day of straight up editing. 
This girl is gonna bust out some photos!

In the mean time I thought I would check in and say...

I just adore you. 
Thank you for reading
Thank you for following
Thank you for all of you sweet sweet comments. 
You really do brighten my day!

And here is something to brighten your day! 
Isn't this the sweetest little family... EVER?!


In. Love. 

You still have ONE DAY to enter the Giveaway!! Good luck!
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